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Bluetooth Functionality Chart

Bluetooth Functionality Chart 4/3/2009 Verizon Wireless handsets include the Bluetooth functionality defined in the following table. Blue tooth Functionality V7 10 M o t o r o l a (Or i g i n al) M o t o r o l a V7 10 (U p g r a d e-F e b 2 00 5) M o t o r o l a E8 15 M o t o r o l a R az r V3 c M o t o r o l a M O T OS L V R L 7 c M o t o r o l a K R Z R K 1m M o t o r o l a ma xx Ve M o t o r o l a W 3 85 M o t o r o l a M ...


Multiple handsets? The simple 2-wire interface makes installation easy, even for large theaters and gatherings needing several units. The versatile design can be customized to fit any application.

KIRK Handset Portfolio Data Sheet

The Polycom ® KIRK ® handset portfolio consists of a range of wireless handsets, which provide specialized and valuable functionalities to users in many different vertical markets.

SKY77605 Multiband Multimode Power Amplifier Module for Quad ...

• February 8, 2010 1 PRODUCT SUMMARY SKY77605 Multiband Multimode Power Amplifier Module for Quad-Band GSM / EDGE and Broadband (Bands I, II, V, VIII) WCDMA / HSDPA / HSUPA / HSPA+ Handsets Applications • Quad-band cellular handsets: - Class 4 GSM850 / EGSM900 - Class 1 DCS1800 / PCS1900 - Class E2 GSM850 ...

Accessory Handset

With your new handset, you can Transfer calls between handsets Use two handsets as an intercom Use two handsets as 2-way radios in DirectLink mode Use two handsets as a baby/room monitor Hold conference calls See the owner's manual that came with your main base unit for complete instructions on ...

Avaya 6120 and 6140 WLAN Handsets Installation and ...

Avaya BCM Avaya 6120 and 6140 WLAN Handsets Installation and Configuration Addendum Avaya 6120 and 6140 WLAN Handsets overview This document is an update to the WLAN IP Telephony Installation and Configuration Guide (NN40010-303).

DECT Wireless Handsets

The features & benefits of your desk phone—anywhere in the building Panasonic DECT mobile wireless handsets coupled with your Panasonic KX-TDE or KX-NCP Communications Systems offer the ideal mobile communications solution.

The Mobile Handset Industry in Transition

So today, a brand owner can be a traditional handset manufacturer, mobile network operator (for example T-Mobile's MDA smartphone produced by HTC or any other company having the ambition to market and sell mobile handsets - a significant shift from the situation even a few years ago.

USER MANUAL Controls/Handsets

USER MANUAL Controls/Handsets To learn more about LINAK please visit: WWW.LINAK.COM

DECT1560 Series

Yo ur.Phone..... 13 Adding.accessory.handsets..... 13 Registering.accessory.handsets..... 13 Using.Multiple.Bases..... 14 Registering.the. handset.to.another.base ...