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Literacy Instruction For Older Struggling Readers: What Is ...

W hat is the role of technology in literacy instruction? Dr. Ted Hasselbring, Laura Goin and members of the Cognition and Technology Group at Vanderbilt proposed an answer to this question with the development of a technology-based intervention program.

Assistive Technologies for Reading

The assistive technology used in this project has freed thousands of Kentucky students with learning disabilities from the stigma and failure that they may have faced their entire school careers (Hasselbring & Goin, 2004).

Ted Stephen Hasselbring

Vita Ted Stephen Hasselbring Personal Information Home Address: 1422 Chandler Radford Road Mt. Juliet, TN 37122 Professional Box 155 Peabody College Address: Vanderbilt University 230 Appleton Place Nashville, TN 37203-5721 Ph: 615.322.2190 Fax: 615.343.7556 e-mail: t.hasselbring@vanderbilt.edu ...

Response to Intervention

The researchconclusiv elyshowedthat when schools implement and follow the program'sinstructionalmo del for one tot wo years, significant reading gains can be ex pec ted, mo repositiveattitud es and behaviors develop, and over all higher school achievement is realized (Taylor, Hasselbring, &Williams ...

Ace Supply Co. Inc.

BY MICHAEL MAY NARD Wholesaler's Spotlight 12 HVACR DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS, DECEMBER 2007 A Golden Company B ruce Hasselbring grew up in a family business known as Ace Supply Co. Inc.

Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning: Two ...

•26 Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning: Two Sides of the Same Coin David H. Rose, Ted S. Hasselbring, Skip Stahl, and Joy Zabala Over the past decade, evolving technologies have revolutionized the way we do business, communicate, make war, farm, and provide medical treatment.

ASTM 15.10 Task Group on Flame Arresters for Gasoline Containers

Hasselbring, Stress Engineering Services, Inc., started the meeting with a review of testing that was performed at Safety Engineering Laboratories, near Warren, Michigan.


For a more detailed discussion of this framework, please see Goldman and Hasselbring (1997). Declarative knowledg e can be considered factual knowledge about mathematics.

Jay Worona, Esq. - March 16, 2011

Ted Hasselbring - March 17, 2011 READING RESEARCH To PRACTICAL APPLICATION Over the past thirty years, Dr. Ted S. Hasselbring has conducted research on the use of technology for enhancing learning in students with disabilities and those who are at-risk of school failure.

Patty Hasselbring

Patty Hasselbring Profile Patty Hasselbring has been involved in nonprofit management and leadership for over 25 years. As a trainer, facilitator and consultant she has provided assistance to hundreds of local, state, national, and international organizations in long range planning, project ...