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Rebreeding First Calf Heifers

Rebreeding First Calf Heifers Whether purebred or commercial, reproduction has long been a major limiting factor in beef-cow operations. And, one of the most common frustrations is the failure to get first-calf heifers rebred, says Tom Geary, with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service in ...


Production and Management Decisions 1993 1 BREEDING YEARLING HEIFERS Donald E. Ray, 1 Albert M. Lane, 2 Carl B. Roubicek, 3 and Richard W. Rice 4 Many studies have shown returns are increased by breeding yearling heifers to calve for the first time at 2 years of age.

Extension Circular 385

30 Costs of Raising Dairy Heifers Dairy Replacement Costs Raising heifers for replacements is an expensive item on dairy farms. Often many homegrown items are not considered in the actual costs involved in raising heifers, although they should be.

Management and Marketing Series

Heifers owned by the grower fall under the control of the bankruptcy court if the grower files for bankruptcy. Heifers owned by the producer but in the possession of the grower may suffer the same fate if ownership cannot be proven.

Lyrics from the CD

Introduction These are the lyrics to the songs on the Harmony Heifers CD. They are presented here in alphabetical order, as performed on the CD. The Heifers are Chris Dickenson, Elizabeth Burnham, and Maya Bohnhoff.

Excess Heifers - Do you Have Any and What Should You Do With ...

Excess Heifers - Do you Have Any and What Should You Do With Them? Jason Karszes, Senior Extension Associate, PRO-DAIRY, Cornell University Virginia Carlberg, Community Educator, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Chautauqua County Do you look out at your heifers and imagine each one as a bag of ...

Extension Circular 385

Breeding heifers to an unproven dairy or beef bull retards genetic improvements and reduces the number of herd replacements available. Bulls are dangerous; A.I. eliminates the need to have a potentially dangerous animal on the farm.

Spaying Heifers as a Management Tool

Spaying Heifers as a Management Tool Lori Weddle-Schott, U of M Beef Center Daryl Meyer, DVM www.extension.umn.edu/beef Heifer spaying is a management tool with several advantages that outweigh the few disadvantages.

Replacement Heifers Costs and Return on Investment ...

1 Replacement Heifers Costs and Return on Investment Calculation Decision Aids The purpose of this replacement heifer cost decision aid is to calculate total production costs and return on investment (ROI) to evaluate production, breeding systems and pricing and marketing alternatives.

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Agriculture and Natural Resources FSA3076 Selection and Management of Beef Replacement Heifers. Tom R. Troxel Professor and Associate Department Head ­