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Heinrich Pyramid

Preventing Accidents by Studying Near-Misses

The important thing to remember is that there is ALWAYS some sort of pyramidal relationship between the "stupid stuff that happens", the "band aid NEAR-MISSES MINOR ACCIDENTS SERIOUS ACCIDENTS The Heinrich The Heinrich The Heinrich The Heinrich The Heinrich Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid Pyramid Preventing ...


If an organization does not properly control risks, the outcome of an accident often depends on chance. Because the outcome of 1 29 300 Serious Injury Minor Injury Near Miss Incidents Heinrich's Accident Pyramid Continued on page 6 . . .

Breaking the Cycle of Risky Behavior

... RECORDABLE ACCIDENTS (Off Work, limited work and no lost time) •Widely accepted for over 70 years, the safety triangle serves toillustrate Heinrich ... Standard Risk Pyramid Cuts, Bruises and Scrapes Minor Injuries Fatal Major Injuries Close Calls & Near Misses •High level example.

Analyzing Relationships Between Aircraft Accidents and Incidents

However, unlike the Heinrich pyramid which considers a quantitative relationship between accidents and incidents, our study looks for correlations between the underlying factors of accidents and incidents.

EHS WORLDWIDE HORIZONS: Preventing death on the job

Skeptics of the Heinrich Pyramid argue that the Bureau of Labor Statistics data do not appear to support the theory. Since 2003, every major measure of OSHA recordable nonfatal occupational injury and illness rates has declined: total recordable cases; days away from work, job transfer, or restriction ...

Copmpany Newsletter July 2009

To that end, a system has been put into place, and a culture cultivated, which combine to empower all personnel within the company to directly effect positive change in Quality, Health, Safety, & Environmental policy. Page 3 Volume 2, Issue 3 Heinrich Pyramid

Access to Air Safety Information paper - final

The air safety informationmodel (fig.2), based on the Heinrich Pyramid (fig.1), shows four types of possible occurrences: significant accidents; incidents; aircraft defects; and unreported occurrences.


Slide 4 EBACE 2007 -23 May 2007 Top part of the traditional Heinrich Pyramid Fatal Accidents Fatal Accidents Low Level Events Low Level Events Other Accidents Other Accidents Serious Events Serious Events

Foreman Skills Training

Heinrich's Safety Pyramid Heinrich's Safety Pyramid Fatality Lost Work Day Recordable Injury 1st Aid Case Near Miss


For more information on Heinrich and the validity of the safety pyramid, contact the Library with your fax number at library@nsc.org or 630-775-2199.