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Imaging of Male Infertility: Pictorial Review

Ultrasound is most commonly used for evaluation and may show a small testis of heterogeneous echotexture outside the hemiscrotal sac (Figs. 3 and 4).

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from the base of the everted hemiscrotal sac. 9 The everted hemiscrotal sac is replaced in the normal position using the tip of the forceps. 13

Testis Advanced Case #1

Testis Advanced Case #1 Patient MR# 888801 Patient Name: Tom Testaverde Page 1 of 11 Radiology Report 08/02/2007 Testicular Ultrasound Clinical Indication: Right hemiscrotal enlargement Real time sonography of the scrotum is performed.

Am. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.,

Ultrasound image of left hemiscrotal area in an asymptomatic 22-year-old man, obtained with a 7.5-MHztransducer. A B-mode image(A) shows the left testis and lymphangiectasia. An

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Vertical hemiscrotal incisions. Figure 2. Testicle delivered with tunica vaginalis intact. Figure 3. Transection of the testicular end of the vas deferens.


Painless left hemiscrotal swelling was noted in this newborn on the first day of life. Ultrasound by report revealed an enlarged left testicle and right hydrocele.

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... (leftward arrow) connecting larger superior retroperitoneal component (downward arrow) with the smaller left hemiscrotal component (upward arrow).

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Bi-lobulated right hemiscrotal mass. (Note the male phenotype and male type secondary sex characteristics. ) Figure2. Scrotal exploration reveals presence of both testes in right hemiscro-tum.