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The prevalence of Hemoproteus in immature sharp-shinned hawks was 28.3%, yet no adults showed Hemoproteus parasitemia on the blood smears. On a similar note, 21.7% of immature birds had Leu-kocytozoon but only 4.35% of adults showed signs of infection.

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National Wildlife Health Center Parasite Monitoring Parasite Monitoring •2 parasitism cases in database-Brewer's blackbird (nematode)-Rusty blackbird (ascariasis) •Blood parasites-Leukocytozoan-Hemoproteus-Plasmodium-Blood smears; 2 per bird ~ $20/bird •Coccidia •Full necropsy ~ $70/bird Hemoproteus

Pre-purchase examinations in first year captive-bred falcons

Table 7: Hematological results of all falcons Result n=210 % NAD 170 81.0 WBC high 28 13.3 Hb, PCV high 4 1.9 Heterophils 2 1.0 Anaemia 3 1.4 Hemoproteus 2 1.0 All high 1 0.5 Not done 10 4.8 Table 8: Hematological results of Gyr-Saker hybrid falcon Result n=117 % NAD 96 82.1 WBC high 18 15.4 Hb, PCV high 2 1.7 Anaemia 2 1.7 ...

Avian Necropsy Procedures and Common Findings

Plasmodium, hemoproteus, toxoplasma, and leucocytozoon are more readily identified in impression smears of the liver and spleen. The impression smear will also quickly differentiate tumor masses from mycobacterial granulomas.

Urbanization and the Dynamics of Disease in a Natural Avian ...

Blood Parasites : Both Hemoproteus and Plasmodium species affect songbirds to varying degrees. The samples collected in the summer of 2004 showed a 23% prevalence of Plasmodium in the Northern Cardinal population (no pattern across habitat type was seen).

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Parasitic diseases Other Parasites Hemoparasites in wild caught or dbid outdoor birds • Leukocytozoon Leukocytozoon • Hemoproteus • Plasmodium "avian malaria" in penguins pg 63 G. Kaufman, DVM

Transmissible Diseases Handbook

Tissue phases of parasites such as Atoxoplasma spp, Toxoplasma spp., Plasmodium spp, Hemoproteus spp., Leucocytozoon spp, and Trypanosoma spp. are mostly readily identified in impression smears of liver, spleen and lungs.

Reptile Biology and Medicine

Hemoproteus - a plasmodial-like agent with gametocytes in blood ( occupy most of the rbc cytoplasm ) and reproductive stages in hepatocytes and lungs.