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A Critique of General Relativity

A Critique of General Relativity Wasley S. Krogdahl Professor Emeritus , Astronomy and Physics University of Kentucky ABSTRACT General relativity's successes and limitations are compared to those of special relativity.

The Heretical Roots of the Eucharistic Controversy

Bart JanSpruyt. Cornelius Henrici Hoen (Honius) and his Epistle on the Eucharist (1525): Medieval Heresy, Erasmian Humanism, and Reform in the Early Sixteenth-Century Low Countries.

Heretical Views of the Person of Christ

Early Heretical (False) Views of the Person of Christ: Some Rough Diagrams Heretical Views of the Person of Christ

Word of Faith two columns

October 2003 Donors Beware! Wall Watchers calls on donors to so-called Word of Faith ministries to closely examine their giving to these ministries.


Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 2000. Vol. 78, No- 5, 853-870 Copyright 2000 by the American Psychological Association, Inc. 0022-3514/00/$5.00 DOI: 10.1037//0022-3514.78.5.853 The Psychology of the Unthinkable: Taboo Trade-Offs, Forbidden Base Rates, and Heretical Counterfactuals ...

16. The Heresies of John Paul II, the most traveled man in ...

169 16. The Heresies of John Paul II, the most traveled man in history and perhaps the most heretical Jewish maestro Gilbert Levine, telling CNN's Larry King about John Paul II: "KING: The pope congratulated your children's bar mitzvahs?

Heretical Bishops

www.churchsociety.org NEWS ITEM Heretical Bishops Date : November 4, 2003 Source : David Virtue The following is a list of consecrating and attending bishops at Gene Robinson's consecration in Durham, New Hampshire The Presiding and Chief Consecrator was The Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal ...

Mr. Robert Naeye Editor, Sky and Telescope 90 Sherman Street ...

Sincerely, Wasley S. Krogdahl Professor Emeritus Physics and Astronomy, University of Kentucky 3493 Castleton Hill Lexington, Kentucky 40517 859-272-2659 W. Krogdahl @heretical cosmology.com

My Heretical Wiccan Beliefs

1 My Heretical Wiccan Beliefs By Merlyn This page was downloaded from www.ladywoods.org , the website of the coven of Our Lady of the Woods. It may be used for personal and educational purposes with credit to the author.

Why Add"Repudiation of the Trilogy of Life"to the

WHY ADD"REPUDIATION OF THE TRILOGY OF LIFE" to the 2005edition of Pasolini's Heretical Empiricism ? Ben Lawton Quite simply because Pasoliniisdead and "Repudiation,"along with his last film, Salò , and his posthumous novel, Petrolio , like it or not, are the closing sequences of the artist ...