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High-Performance School Buildings

Cover Photos Right margin, top to bottom: The Ocean Park School, Santa Monica, California (Photo: Dougherty + Dougherty) Workers install photovoltaic panels on De Pere High School as part of the SolarWise for Schools program in Wisconsin (Photo: Wisconsin Public Service Community Foundation and ...

H-Store: A High-Performance, Distributed Main Memory ...

H-Store: A High-Performance, Distributed Main Memory Transaction Processing System Robert Kallman Hideaki Kimura Jonathan Natkins Andrew Pavlo Alexander Rasin Stanley Zdonik Brown University {rkallman, hkimura, jnatkins, pavlo, alexr, sbz } @cs.brown.edu EvanP.

PhilipsPulseStart MetalHalideLamps - Ideal for industrial and ...

PhilipsPulseStart MetalHalideLamps Highperformance, lowtotalcostofownership PhilipsPulseStartMetalHalideLamps offeran optimizedmetalhalidesystemforgreaterefficiency


HIGH-PERFORMANCE SERIAL ATA EIO HARD DISK Equipped with versatile time-saving features and robust functionality, the HP High-Performance Serial ATA EIO Hard Disk lets you securely control when and how documents are printed on your EIO-equipped HP peripherals.

For Siemens Networks, advanced planning and ...

forecastingareaconduit to highperformance ManagementConsultingandIntegratedMarkets. AdivisionofSiemensisMunich basedSiemensNetworks.Thisunit includesSiemensMobileNetworks,

All-New HighPerformance 2-Stroke Engine

Features and Advantages: All-New HighPerformance 2-Stroke Engine All-new engine is approximately 1.5 pounds lighter with improved power across the rev range.


You CanHavea385hp Street Mill for Less Than You Think WHAT WE DID Baselineda GMPP 290hpcratemotor and added Fast Burn heads, a manifold, rockers, and a cam.

The HighPerformance

Features The new HighPerformance Recessed (HPR) collection offers sizes and configurations to meet all of your lighting needs. Ranging in size from 1x1 to 2x4, our recessed luminaires accommodateT8, T5, T5HO, high-lumen twin-and triple-tube compact fluorescent lamps.

QLogic QMH2562 8Gb FC HBA for HP c-Class BladeSystem

The QLogic QMH2562 8Gb FC HBA is a dual channel PCI Express Fibre Channel mezzanine card that provides reliable, highperformance connectivity at up to 8Gb/s.

M137™ Premium HighPerformance Steer Radial

1 OVER THE HIGHWA Y (RIB) 1 M137 ™ Premium HighPerformance Steer Radial Premium over the highway steer tire designed for use in long haul applications. Top differential groove and tread depth are optimized to minimize irregular wear and to maximize miles per 32nd.