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Merit Badge Workbook

Hiking Merit Badge Workbook Read "the merit badge pamphlet on the subject...meet the requirements as they are stated." - Boy Scout Requirements pp. 22-23 Each " Scout must be reviewed individually by the counselor ."

Skill Level 1

Hiking 1. *Explain and demonstrate the main points of good hiking practice, such as pacing, speed, resting, and etiquette. 2. *Explain the importance and method of proper foot care with regard to cleanliness, care of nails, socks, shoe selection, and first aid of tender or blistered feet.

Hiking Trails

Hiking Florida Blessed with an abundance of sunshine and foliage, Florida presents the perfect destination for hikers to explore and experience the Sunshine State's natural and historic diversity.

Nashville.gov - Warner Parks Hiking Trails

WARNER PARKS HIKING TRAIL SYSTEM The hiking trail system of Percy and Edwin Parks includes 9 color-coded trails ranging in length from 150 yards to 4.5 miles.

Trekking Poles

A MERICAN H IKER / Summer 2007 18 OUTDOOR SKILLS Trekking Poles With a few caveats, the next generation of walkingsticks can enhance the hiking experience.


NATIONAL TRAILS DAY® 2011 COLORING CONTEST ENTRY FORM First Name: Age: Last Name: Phone: Email: Mailing Address: By signing below, I agree to comply with all of the rules of American Hiking Society's National Trails Day Coloring Contest.

Trails in the Tucson Mountain District

Hiking groups are limited to a maximum of 18 persons when hiking on designated trails. •Pets on a leash are permitted only on roadways, ...

Old Rag Mountain Hike

www.hikingupward.com Old Rag Mountain - SNP, Virginia Length Difficulty Streams Views Solitude Camping 8.0 mls Hiking Time: Elev. Gain: Links: 5.5 hours plus a half hour for lunch

White Mountain National Forest Five Hikes Near Evans Notch

02/03 gd White Mountain National Forest Five Hikes Near Evans Notch The Roost Loop 1.8 Miles ( Round Trip) Medium Difficulty Average Time: 1 hour Leave the east side of Route 113 at the Evans Brook Bridge, north of Hastings Campground.


Use caution while hiking; many trails have steep sections and uneven footing. Stay back from cliff edges; serious falls can occur. In rain, conditions may be slippery.