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Best Methods for Safe Hipot Testing

28105 North Keith Drive, Lake Forest, Illinois 60045 U.S.A Toll Free: 1-800-504-0055 • Phone (847) 932-3662 • Fax (847) 932-3665 E-Mail: info@hipot.com • http://www.hipot.com 1 Best Methods for Safe Hipot Testing When working with electrical safety test equipment, instruments that output ...

Exploring the Benefits of New Hipot Testing Technology

Exploring the Benefits of New Hipot Testing Technology Introduction Like many industries reliant upon technology, the electrical test and measurement field has progressed in leaps and bounds since its early days.

Stator Winding Hipot (High Potential) Testing

Stator Winding Hipot (High Potential) Testing B.K. Gupta G.C. Stone J. Stein AOK Technologies Iris Power Engineering Electric Power Research Institue Toronto, Ontario Mississauga, Ontario Palo Alto, California Abstract: Over-potential or hipot tests are frequently applied to ...

Exploring the Necessity of the Hot Hipot Test

Exploring the Necessity of the Hot Hipot Test Introduction In an industry comprised of workers with varying electronics knowledge, a Hipot test can seem a daunting task for some.


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Designing Hipot Test Stations

Compliance West USA, Inc. 2120 Jimmy Durante Boulevard Suite 124 Del Mar, California 92014 USA Designing Hipot Test Stations an overview Dielectric Withstand (Hipot) testing is the most accepted method of ensuring that primary wiring and components are isolated from the safety ground.


HiPot Tests for Power Cords The conventional or Linear HiPot test on a 3 conductor power cord is performed by connecting the Line (L) to the tester's high voltage lead and the power cord's Neutral (N) and Ground (G) to the tester's ground lead (Figure 9).


Rev. 1.0 May 7, 2007 i Dear Customer: Congratulations! Mitchell Instrument Co. is please to present you with your Hipot/Continuity Tester. This instrument allows quick and simple field testing of equipment to ensure proper grounding and insulation.

Testing Theories and Recommendations

Recommended Test Voltages - HiPot and Surge Tests A recommended test voltage for HIPOT testing a motor, generator or transformer is twice the AC line voltage plus 1000 volts.

Medical Device Testing Explained

Both systems can perform AC hipot, DC hipot, insulation resistance, continuity, ground bond, functional run, and line leakage tests. Determining an optimal setup for medical device testing depends mainly upon if the medical device is microprocessor based and the amount of current that it draws.