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F On us The National Education Association's commitment to creating great public schools for every child requires working to ensure that all students are learning and succeeding in schools.

Hispanics, High School Dropouts and the GED

Hispanics and the GED ii Pew Hispanic Center May 13, 2010 Executive Summary Just one-in-ten Hispanic high school dropouts has a General Educational Development (GED) credential, widely regarded as the best "second chance" pathway to college, vocational training and military service for adults ...

The Growing Hispanic Population in South Carolina: Trends and ...

Diversity of Hispanics in South Carolina by Country of Origin, ...

The Hispanic Experience in World War II

Hispanics also found opportunities for military service. According to the U.S. Army Center of Military History, Hispanics were not identified as a race on military records until the Vietnam War — so the exact number who served during World War II is unknown — however unofficial estimates ...


3 CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES HISPANICS AND RETIREMENT: HISPANICS AND RETIREMENT: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES Many policymakers and experts are looking at the issue of retirement security with increasing concern.

Hispanic -Latino Population

2 Names (part 1) In the US, Latino or Hispanic refers to a person in the US who is of Latin American origin. Nuances in meanings of words, but referring to same groups.


Hispanic Fact Sheet The University of Georgia Business Outreach Services/Small Business Development Center http://www.sbdc. uga.edu January 2003 HISPANICS BY THE NUMBERS IN GEORGIA Hispanic Population • In 1990, there were 108,922 Hispanics/Latinos in the Georgia. 1 Hispanics/Latinos ...

The Hispanic Challenge By Samuel P. Huntington

In the 1990s, Mexicans composed more than half of the new Latin American immigrants to the United States and, by 2000, Hispanics totaled about one half of all migrants entering the continental United States.

The Powerofthe Hispanic Consumer - Executive Summary

This does not take into account the fact that for many product categories, Hispanics are likely to comprise an even greater share of the target demographic.

HIV among Hispanics/Latinos

HIV among Hispanics/Latinos December 2010 The HIV epidemic is a serious threat to the Hispanic/Latino community. While Hispanics/ Latinos 1 represented approximately 15% of the United States (US) population in 2006, they accounted for 17% of new HIV infections in the 50 states and the District ...