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Universal Studios Hollywood Dares Filmmakers to Submit Their ...

Universal Studios Hollywood Dares Filmmakers to Submit . Their Most Twisted Horror Short Films As Part of Annual “Halloween Horror Nights” Short Film Competition

Horror The Crimson Labyrinth

1 Horror The Crimson Labyrinth, Kishi Yusuke About the Author: He has twice won the coveted Japan Horror Association Award, and boasts bestselling status in

The Overcoat

The clerk's face was white as snow and looked like that of a corpse, but the horror of the Person of Consequence was beyond all bounds when he saw the mouth of the corpse distorted into speech and, ...


The Dunwich Horror Wizard Whateley, a powerful warlock living in Dunwich, made a pact with Yog-Sothoth many years ago, and the Dunwich Horror was created.

Fear, Horror, and Madness checks all use the same basic ...

The following system is an update for the rules for fear, horror, and madness checks found in Chapter Six of Domains of Dread, written by William W. Connors and Steve Miller, and utilizes rules found in the Dungeon Master's Guide and the Monster Manual.

Why Me Daddy? by Andela Adame

Why Me Daddy? By Angela Adame It was almost midnight when little Legend was abruptly awaken by a loud scream. Jumping out of bed she took off down the cold dusty hallway, she could not believe that her father had rented this stuffy decrepit mansion for three months.

Component Overview

Horror Check First, the alien nature of the mythos threatens to overwhelm the investigator's mind. This is represented by a Horror check.


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