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Horti-Control LF Series Instructions

BALLAST CONTROL www.horticontrol.com 1. Attach unit securely to the wall using supplied fasteners. 2. Connect light fixtures to Horti-Control Unit.

Let Your Plants Breathe!

Let Your Plants Breathe! Let Your Plants Breathe! Horti-Wrap® with Prestretch PerfoStretch® Horti-Wrap® with Prestretch PerfoStretch® Perforated Stretch Film Perforated Stretch Film Protects Plants During Shipping Protects Plants During Shipping Perfo-LITE® :-Machine roll: 5400 ft.-Hand ...

Registration form

Regulations for Participation International Horti Fair 2010 The regulations relevant to participation in the International Horti Fair 2010 are formulated in these Regulations for Participation, in the General Conditions which apply to participation in the International Horti Fair and in the 2010 ...

VLHC Dehumidifier for Cold-Climate Greenhouses

Agam's Ventilated Latent Heat Converter (VLHC) is a revolutionary patented, field-tested dehumidification system for cold-climate greenhouses. It solves humidity-related problems, including yield-damaging botrytis, while actually reducing energy and fungicide expenses.

Horti- Ponic

HORTI-PONIC SOLUBLE NUTRIENT FEED APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Choice of Product Consult recommendations list to determine which mix and application rate are suitable for your crop.

Horti- Phyte

Horti- Phyte HORTI-PHYTE LIQUID FERTILISER APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Fruit Crops + Hops (outdoor) (a) Foliar Nutrient Sprays. Horti-Phyte may be applied either on its own or tank mixed with routine pest and disease sprays.

International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (1 998), 48 ...

International Journal of Systematic Bacteriology (1 998), 48, 565-571 Printed in Great Britain Bacillus horti sp. nov., a new Gram-negative

Dutch Onions,

Dutch Onions, from seed to consumer Onion growing in The Netherlands, a description of the quality processes of the production chain Report for Indonesia Version 24 December 2009

Horti Packaging for herbs

Horti Packaging for herbs Product information Packaging for cut herbs trays for cut herbs bio Packaging haccP Van der Windt produces potted herb sleeves for leading herb growers throughout Europe.