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STEP 1: WHAT’S YOUR STYLE Chicken, Taco Meat, Veggie / Steak, Barbacoa, Pork BURRITO LI’L BURRITO BOWL LI’L BOWL NACHOS TACO # of Tacos _____

competition Burritochainaimsforfranchisingthis

Members: Log in | Not Registered? Register for free extra services. James E. Mahan - DBJ Cynthia and Ray Wiley, co-owners of Hothead Burritos, plan on franchising their booming burrito business this year.

About Hothead Sports

About Hothead Sports Hothead Sports, a division of Hothead Technologies™, Inc., is an Atlanta-based company founded in 2006 offering a patented and proprietary monitoring solution termed the Heat Observation Technology (H.O.T.) system.

Football Protective Safety Device Heat Observation Technology

www.hotheadtechn ologies.com..... For more information call: Hothead Technologies 404-477-2727 info@hotheadtechnologies.com www.hotheadtechn ologies.com.....


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The HotHead allows your creativity to become reality. 34 channel, gold sliprings guarantee broadcast-quality transmission of all the camera functions including Triax, BNC, Camera power, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Tally, Video assist, etc. Egripment remote heads are all part of a modular system. The HotHead, HotShot ...

“The library card is the smartest card in my wallet. Sign ...

Author of Hothead. www.ripkenfoundation.org SePTeMBer IS LIBrAry CArd SIgn-uP MonTH Visit your library today. It is a community hub of activity.

Cal Ripken Jr. Book Signing

EVENTS, cont. — March 2011 J oin us as we welcome Major League Baseball Legend, Cal Riken Jr.! Cal will be appearing at Walt Disney World as part of ESPN the Weekend and as an extra bonus for Guests, Cal will be signing his latest novel, Hothead , for Guests and fans at Disney's Hollywood ...


POWER-ITS USE AND ABUSE (1) excerpted and adapted from THE OTHER SIDE OF POWER by Claude M. Steiner, Grove Press, NYC Claude Steiner lists 4 levels of awareness about controlling others: The cold-blooded, the hothead, the innocent, and the cooperative.

Level H Unit 2 Practice

"The rash and _____behavior of that young hothead almost cost us the battle, to say nothing of the war," the general remarked sourly.