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Wim Houwers (GIQS) Herman Vermeer, Karel de Greef, Marc ...

Directive EC 2001/93, Art. 8 of the Annex “[..] tail docking [] must [not] be carried out r outinely but only where there is evidence that i

camp & retreat center work Jim and Pat Houwers / Conference ...

Departs Returns Location Type Contact email phone AC 1/8/12 3/31/12 CAMBODIA Individual Volunteer Amanda King amandamking@live.com 217 821-4386 IGR

European Pork Chains All correspondence should be send to

Ensuring Quality and Food Safety in . European Pork Chains All correspondence should be send to: Wim Houwers . GIQS e.V. c/o Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn

Serotype and Phage Type Distribution of Salmonella

10.1128/JCM.40.11.3980-3985.2002. J. Clin. Microbiol.€2002, 40(11):3980. DOI: van Pelt E. van Duijkeren, W. J. B. Wannet, D. J. Houwers and W.

Giardiasis ina White Stork in The Netherlands

764 Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 36(4), 2000, pp. 764-766 q Wildlife Disease Association 2000 Giardiasis ina White Stork in The Netherlands F. F. J. Franssen, 1,4 J. Hooimeijer, 2 B. Blankenstein, 3 and D. J. Houwers 31 Department of Parasitology and Tropical Veterinary Medicine, Institute of ...

Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Med. 49, 191-208. 3 Butler, C.M., Houwers, D.J., Jongejan, F., van der Kolk, J.H., 2005. Borrelia burgdorferi infections with special reference to horses.

Annual Work Camp Report (2010)

... Kind Worth = Date Name Location Donation # of Work Hrs. of # of Hrs Work Camp 2010 (if any) adults Youth Labor worked x 15.50Team Expenses Leader(s) Jan. 2-10 Project Extend Atlanta, GA $3,036 31 0 1116 $17,298 $8,344 Jeff Cupery, Bob Klingan Jan. 19-Feb.3Camp Mekokiko Hawaii $1,600 12 0 461 $7,146 $17,400 Jim and Pat Houwers ...

Haalbaarheidsonderzoek Elektronische Identificatie

1 Haalbaarheidsonderzoek Elektronische Identificatie A.H. Ipema. A.C. Smits, P.H. Hogewerf en W. Houwers (IMAG) K. van der Walle, A.G.J. Velthuis en H. Hogeveen (ABE) R. Hoste, C.P.A. van Wagenberg en L.F. Puister-Jansen (LEI) IMAG Rapport 2002-07 November 2002 € 25,00

The Autism & Related Disabilities Gym

For all sponsors, please email logo in .jpg format to: autismgym@aol.com For more information on Hole Sponsors hips and Donations Please Contact: Jo-Anne Houwers - autismgym@aol.com 407-234-7456 or Alan Moss - moster2@earthlink.net 321-303-7672 The Autism & Related Disabilities Gym Program, Inc. is a ...

STREAM - Foundation Partners - SportingMedia Electricity ...

Len Houwers, Director, Arete Consulting Richard Hale, Director, Hale & Twomey Allan Dobbie, Technical Service Manager, NZ Sugar Doug Watson, Energy Manager, Fonterra