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Critical Thinking in the Humanitities: A Tool for Subjective ...

Critical Thinking in the Humanitities: A Tool for Subjective Disciplines Danajean Mabry, Chair, Humanities/Social Sciences As an instructor of the Fine Arts for many years, I have always considered critical thinking a natural part of the pedagogy that helps to define Humanities classes.


*These classes may be TSI Waived. other welding courses offered with Instructor approval SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

RANGER COLLEGE Stephenville Center Fall - 2011

Internet Courses Internet Courses - An Additional $50 on-line fee per course # Students may need to go to Brown County Center, Stephenville Center, or Comanche Center (to be scheduled with the Instructor) Cosc 1401 #Introduction to Computing Cunningham Academic W/Lab Engl 1301 Composition I ...

Humanities Prospectus (2009-2010)

Undergraduate study in Humanities Glossary of terms n Exemption - If the University recognises that you have already covered a unit syllabus in the same depth and breadth as part of a previous qualifi cation, you will be granted an 'exemption' whereby you will not be required to take a ...


C OURSE S YLLABUS HUMN 101 H UMANITIES IN W ESTERN C ULTURE C OURSE D ESCRIPTION A survey course which concentrates on the developments of Western Culture.

General Education requirements at JMU, some courses may not ...

7 Humanitities/Fine Arts Elective 3 4 General Elective (ITE 100 . recommended) 3. 7 PED/RPK Elective 1 Total 15. Total 16

EVAN 101 – Evangelism

1 HUMN 101 - The Humanities in Western Culture From a Scale 1-10 (1 = low demands; 5 = moderate demands; 10 = very demanding), How would you rate the overall level of difficulty of this course?

coUrse Descriptions

Portland Community College • 2011-2012 Humanities Cascade Campus terrell Hall, (tH) Room 220 971-722-5251 Rock Creek Campus Building 3, Room 201 971-722-7235 Description studying the humanities provides individuals with opportunities to explore the human experience through a variety of windows ...

Curriculum Information - Class 4

Humanitities: History The children will continue to learn about the life of Vikings and why they settled in other lands and how they made a lasting impact upon Britain.


... predmeta i tehničke kulture / Teaching Methodologies of Natural Sciences and Tehnology Education Ivan De Zan (predsjednik/president), Rudolf Krsnik, Josip Milat, Milan Sikirica, Zoran Curić (tajnik/secretary) Metodike humanističkih i društvenih predmeta / Theaching Methodologies of Humanitities and ...