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Hydroduct® 220

www.graceconstruction.com Drainage Hydroduct ® 220 Pre-fabricated geocomposite drain consisting of a studded polystyrene core covered with a non-woven, needle punched polypropylene filter fabric and a smooth polymeric sheet.

Hydroduct Coil 600 - NFORMATION Drainage Composites

Hydroduct ® Coil 600 Unique dual-profile drainage composite engineered to replace traditional perimeter drain systems P RODUCT I NFORMATION Drainage Composites

Drainage Composites

Hydroduct ® 660 High impact, creep-resistant geocomposite and protection layer for use with Grace waterproofing membranes on all horizontal applications Drainage Composites Procor 75/10 Weatherable flashing Hydroduct 660 www.graceconstru ction.com PRODUCT DATA UPDATESTECH LETTERSDETAILSMSDSCONTACTFAQS

Hydroduct® CF20

Drainage PRODUCT INFORMATION Hydroduct ® CF20 Features • Economical - reduces construction overdig and maximises rental space. • Insitu application - avoids using no-fines concrete or hand placed drainage tiles.

Hydroduct 220 (Page 1)

Features •Enhances waterproofing - relieves water pressure from the structure and waterproofing membrane and eliminates hydrostatic pressure build-up.

Hydroduct 650 (Page 1)

Applications Hydroduct 650 is a high compressive strength, two part, preformed geocomposite drainage sheet system, comprising a hollow studded polystyrene core covered on one side with strong non-woven polypropylene filter fabric.

master waterbook 14/10/2002

Description Hydroduct ® drainage sheets are pre-fabricated geocomposites comprising studded polystyrene drainage cores covered with polypropylene filter fabrics.

Grace Construction Products

Wt Percent Waterproofing Product Post Industrial Hydroduct ® 200 85 Hydroduct ® 220 86 Hydroduct ® 225 83 Hydroduct ® 660 83 Hydroduct ® Coil 600 92 MR Credit 5.0: Regional Materials Grace Waterproofing materials are manufactured in Chicago, IL.


CoMPoSITIoN & MATERIAlS The*Bituthene*waterproofing*systems*consist* of several waterproofing membranes and compatible accessory products and are complemented by the use of the appropriate Hydroduct*drainage*composite.


HYDRODUCT ® 200 & 220 Hydroduct 200 Hydroduct 200 is a geocomposite drainage sheet comprised of a hollow studded polystyrene core covered on one side with a non-woven, needle punched polypropylene filter fabric.