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IC801 TDA4855

h-sync +-from fbt ic501 ks3842b 1 3 5 7 10 11 16 14 fbt t602 notes: 1. resistor values are in o(ohm) k=1000,m=1000,000. 2. all resistor are 1/8watt,expect where othewise indicated.


ay1564.pdf. t602 t501 2 3842 ic501 key top control front panel ic801 84c886 ic803 pcf 8582 ic801 84c886 b803 p101 1 3 notes main board 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ic606 74ls 86 wt8048 ic605 12v gnd 7v b503 b801 f-blink r g b cont clamp gnd 5 2 7 1 6 4 3 v-in h-in gnd b702 100v ic607 ks3 842 form sync h+ h ...

Technical Guide

Once V IN terminal pin 4 voltage reaches approximately 16V, IC801 begins to operate and drive the internal power MOSFET, causing current to flow through the drain/source terminals at pins 3 and 2, and to the winding B1-B2 of switching transformer T802 viaL803andR809.


IC903 Pin 3 PLAY(AC110V) 3-26 3-27 WAVEFORM IC901 Pin 3 STAND-BY(AC110V) (POWER) (VIDEO ENCODER) (RF/SERVO) IC201 Pin 21 , Focus Error IC201 Pin 19 , SBADD IC201 Pin 20 Tracking Error IC800 Pin 28 ~ 35 , MPEG Data IC801 Pin 13 ~ 16 , 19 ~ 22 , MPEG Data IC800 Pin 10 , Composite IC801 Pin 57 , Composite IC800 Pin 12 ...


d101 g-10 d102 g-9 d201 g-7 d202 g-6 d801 f-11 d802 e-11 d803 f-11 d851 e-10 d852 f-5 d901 d-10 d902 d-11 d903 d-9 d904 d-8 d951 b-7 d952 b-6 d953 d-4 d954 d-3 ic801 e-3 ic802 f-3 ic803 h-3 ic851 e-10 ic901 d-8 ld801 f-14 q101 f-6 q102 g-10 q103 g-9 q104 g-10 q105 g-9 q106 i-10 q107 h-9 q108 h-10 q109 h-9 q110 j-10 q111 j-9 q112 g-9 q201 g-5 q202 g-6 q203 g-6 q204 g-7 q205 g-6 ...

12181 WELLS D9400_R

... Reserved (mode) 12 Reserved (SDA) 13 Horizontal sync 14 Vertical sync 15 Reserved (SCL) PCBA CONNECTOR PIN Pin Description 1 Red 2 Green 3 Blue 4 Gnd 5 + - Vertical sync 6 + - Horizontal sync 7 Key 8 Gnd 9 + - Vertical sync 10 + - Composite sync CRT SOCKET IC702 (EPROM) P701 VR501 VR901 IC701 (MICRO) IC201 H-SIZE VR201 P801 P802 IC801 IC802 GND7 ...


TX signal circuit From the above Block Diagram : IC801 is audio/Data and UART signal switch. When the SW pin is high ,audio/data signal can go through IC801.

KT1982F 19" Digital Monitor - MainBoard

ka2506 ic802 bd804 12v 390 r820 390 r823 390 r824 390 r828 0.1u/50v c817 0.1u/50v c832 47,1/4w r830 47,1/4w r841 80v 47,1/4w r826 47,1/4w r831 47,1/4w r834 10,1/2w r832 10,1/2w r827 10,1/2w r835 lm2405 ic803 +12v 0.1u/50v c827 0.1u/50v c831 0.1u/50v c833 l801 220k,1/4w r819 220k,1/4w r822 220k,1/4w r821 bav21 d804 bav21 d802 bav21 d803 wt6802 ic801 1k r808 ...


suspect components: smr40200 or his0169b recommendation: replace ic801, hc801, dz801,l803.if ic801 or hc801 blows, dz801 and l803 will shortly follow, resulting in a possible call back...

tovis power supply

After a predetermined length of time to allow the PTC to reach its maximum resistance (but with no actual sensing involved) IC801 says "enough already" and removes the base voltage from transistor Q102, de-energizing the relay and removing power from the de-gaussing coil.