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2008 Investment Company Fact Book

1774 Dutch merchant and broker Adriaan van Ketwich invited subscriptions from investors to form a trust, the Eendragt Maakt Magt , with the aim of providing investment diversifi cation opportunities to investors of limited means. 1868 The Foreign and Colonial Government Trust, the precursor to ...

Accounts of the U.S. Mutual Fund Industry - Data Section 1

TABLE 1 Total Net Assets, Number of Funds, Number of Share Classes, and Number of Shareholder

2009 Investment Company Fact Book (pdf)

2009 Investment Company Fact Book 49 th edition A Review of Trends and Activity in the Investment Company Industry www.icifactbook. org (continued inside back cover) ...

2011 Investment Company Fact Book

51st EDITION . 2011 Investment Company Fact Book . A Review of Trends and Activity in the Investment Company Industry WWW.ICIFACTBOOK.ORG

Filed Electronically

See 2008 Investment Company Fact Book, 48th ed., table 38, available at http://www.icifactbook.org . Office of Regulations and Interpretations Participant Fee Disclosure Project Page 10 of 16 defined contribution investors. 23 This would typically apply to all participants in a plan.

Sprouting an ETF Seed Capital: an ETF's Origin

ICIFactBook.org. 50 th Edition, 2010. Date Accessed: Sept. 17, 2010 2 Investment Company Institute. "2010 Investment Company Fact Book." ICIFactBook.org. 50 th Edition, 2010.

Re: Electronic Disclosure Request for Information

Available at www.icifactbook. com. . 9 Order, 76 Fed. Reg. at 3822. Page 5 of 6 This mandate is especially significant within the retirement plan context.

Hidden Costs of Investing: The A, B, C's of Mutual Funds

See http://www.icifactbook.org/pdf/2006_factbook.pdf . The Investment Company Institute is a mutual fund trade organization. 2 The ICI factbook reports that institutional investors own about 12% of mutual fund assets, ...

equity allocations:

Investment Company Institute, 2011 ICI Factbook, Chapter 2. http://www.icifactbook.org/fb_ch2.html 8. A two percentage point excess return is the average of the 23 developed market FTSE RAFI indexes from November 2005 through June 2011. 9.


... 2011 Investment Company Fact Book, Investment Company Institute, available at http://www.icifactbook. org/fb_ch7.html. 26 U.S.C. ยง 403(b). ...