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African AIDS Epidemic:

John Iliffe. Athens: Ohio. 542 BOOK REVIEWS The African AIDS Epidemic: A History. By John Iliffe. Athens: Ohio University Press; Oxford: James Currey; Cape Town: Double Storey, 2006.

Iliffe’s vision for a big future at Hansa

INDUSTRY INSIGHT more news at www.heavyliftpfi.com T here is standing room only at the ten o’clock meeting in the ‘Visualisation Room’ of Hansa Heavy Lift’s new

David W.J. Gill

... 1937)’, ‘Gardner, Ernest Arthur (1862 - 1939)’, ‘Harcourt - Smith, Cecil (1859 - 1944; Kt 1909)’, ‘Heurtley, Walter Abel (1882 - 1955)’, ‘Hicks, Edward Lee (1843 - 1919)’, ‘Hogarth, David George (1862 - 1927) ’, ‘Hutchinson, Richard Wyatt (1894 - 1970)’, ‘Iliffe ...

Literature Review

Surprisingly, limited research has been conducted on the mental health of ethnic minority elders (Iliffe & Manthorpe, 2004). Previous studies have isolated mental healthcare and ethnicity, however, research has shown that ethnic factors can indeed be specific to dementia (Morrow-Howell, Chadiha ...

Cbifl Core business for general

Cbifl Core business for general practice: recognition of and practice: recognition of and response to dementia Steve Iliffe Professor of Primary Care for Older People University College London Practice Based Commissioner, Brent PCT

Rockdale Heritage Drive

... Iliffe St Donnan St S t G e o r g e s R d Croydon S to n e y C reek R d B e x l e y Road Broadford St St Wirialda S t S t Road P r e d d y s R d Gardiner St R ailw a y S t Princes Highway Gloucester Rockdale Bayside Arncliffe St

The Comparative History of Honour

For Michael Twaddle'sown account,see his Kakunguluandthe creation of Uganda, 1868-1928 (London,1993),esp. pp. 18, 66,81,103-4,112,301. 1 © Cambridge University Press www.cambridge.org Cambridge University Press 0521837855 - Honour in African History John Iliffe Excerpt More information

SLQ Annual Report 2005-06 - Future

Role reversal: Television personalities Jim Iliffe and his wife Melody pose for a TV Week photographer , c 1967. John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland SLQ Annual Report 2005-06 - Future

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church 6TH SUNDAY AFTER EASTER ...

Betty Haughton, Bookkeeper Ext. 210 Maureen Iliffe-Weston, Database Manager Ext. 215 Mary McAndrew, Communications, Volunteer & Safe Environment Coordinator Ext. 219 Jackie Garza, Nursery Coordinator Joe Ketchum, Calendar Scheduler, Plant Mgr. Ext. 214 Seminarian Manuel ...