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Making a Figure Using Adobe Illustrator® v. 9.0

Using Illustrator 1 Making a Figure Using Adobe Illustrator ® v. 9.0 by John D. Winter The last page of this handout is a copy of a map, which we shall consider to be a draft of a field map that you drew up in either pencil or pen.

Adobe Illustrator CS2 Workshop

Library, Information & Technology Services Illustrator CS2 Workshop 1 COMMUNITY TECHNICAL SUPPORT Adobe Illustrator CS2 Workshop Photoshop makes images out of dots (pixels).


Illustrator Name: _____ Date: _____ Title: _____ Author: _____ Chapters/Pages: _____ Congratulations ILLUSTRATOR!

Perspective Drawing Using Adobe® Illustrator® CS5

Adobe Illustrator CS5 n 3 n Perspective Drawing ILLUstrAtor Cs5 DrAwIng the tA j In PerSPeCtIve CoNteNts Foreword ..... Page-4 Section-1: Perspective Drawing Basics Perspective: An Artist's System of ...

Creating Posters with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

Creating Posters with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop Illustrator Basics What Is Illustrator? Adobe Illustrator is a vector-based graphics creation program, intended for making original artwork.

Illustrator-Literature Circles

Illustrator-Literature Circles Name: _____ Book: _____ Date: _____ Assignment: _____ Illustrator: Your job is to draw some kind of a picture related to what you read in your section.


Brent Coley | www.mrcoley.com ILLUSTRATOR ILLUSTRATOR Name: _____ Date: _____ Title: _____ Chapters/Pages: _____ ILLUSTRATOR: Your job is to create an illustration of a specific scene from the part of the book your group is ...


United Arab Emirates University College of Science Geology Department A Crash Course on: Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CS3 Adobe ILLUSTRATOR CS3 The industry-standard drawing tools to create sophisticated artwork!


ADM 3305 (Dr. Shin) WK 2: FLATS WITH ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR by Su-Jeong Hwang Shin, Ph.D., Associate Professor 1. Import File (Place) 1) Open New Document Click File- > New button to start a new drawing.

Adobe Illustrator for Print

Table of Contents Lesson I / Welcome to Illustrator Section A / Exploring the Illustrator Environment Section B / Exploring Artwork Types Walkthrough 1-1 / Examining a Client Supplied File Lesson II / Logo Recreation and Multiple Uses Walkthrough 2-1 / Practicing with the Pen Tool Walkthrough 2 ...