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Seattle Permits

For criterion 5a, all of the insulation must be air-imperm eable, and must be applied in direct contact to the underside of the structural roof sheathing.

Daily meditations for grieving widows and widowers

... loneliness • support • tears • silver linings • prayer • humor • courage • acceptance • resilience • finality • starting over • love •courage • anger • blessing• hope• spirit • memories • compassion • pain • patience • change • healing • gratitude • imperm ...

Testing for chloride permeability of concrete

B uilding a new concre t e p a rking garage? Putting a dense concrete overlay on a bridge deck? Pre c a s t i n g piles or piers for seawater? Because concrete used in these applications must be re l a t i vely imperm e a b l e, c o n t ractors may be asked to provide test results on the perm e ...


This reflection on imperm anence is supported by the energy of the M etal Elem ent, and i s appropriate for this time of year. ItÕs a time to appreciate what you value, for it is the imperm anence of li fe that m akes it so precious.

Shuibuya rockfill dam BOMAG compaction technology in use on ...

On the upstream slope a concrete face slab forms the impermeable membrane of the dam. The concrete slab is 1,10 m thick at the bottom and 0,30 m thick at the top.

American Fisheries Act

The regulations to implement this subtitle shall prohibit impermissible transfers of ownership or control, specify any transactions which require prior approval of an implementing agency, identify transactions which do not require prior agency approval, and to the extent ...


USE | School Built on Former Dairy Farm Land SOIL CONDITION | Methane Gas MITIGATION SYSTEM | LIQUID BOOT ® gas vapor membrane and LIQUID BOOT ® GeoVent "passive" venting system APPLICATION | LIQUID BOOT ® gas vapor membrane spray-applied onto a geotextile fabric under the slab provided an imperm eable ...

Nanotechnology in packaging: a revolution in waiting

September 2008 • Volume 33 • ISSue 3 8 Food EnginEEring & ingrEdiEnts US-based nanoclay producer Nanocor has also developed its own range of high-barrier nanocomposite nylon resins, called Imperm, working in an alliance with the Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company.

The target audience for this report includes policy makers ...

Examples of petrochemical based nanocomposites already on the market include Imperm® for CO 2 release reduction (Nanocor® Inc), Aegis® OX a barrier nylon resin for oxygen scavenging (Honeywell) and Durethan® KU2-2601 (Bayer AG).

2000 DICTIONARY REVIEWS Compiled by Albert Bork

Examples are imperméable for waterproof, physicien for physicist, physiquement for physically, axe d'éjection for knockout axle (sounds British).