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[inria-00377431, v1] Finite groups representation theory with Coq

Finite groups representation theory with Coq Sidi Ould Biha INRIA Sophia Antipolis, INRIA Microsoft Research Joint Centre Sidi.Biha@sophia.inria.fr

inria-00562300, version 1 - 3 Feb 2011

A Generic Lazy Evaluation Scheme for Exact Geometric Computations Sylvain Pion 1; INRIA, Sophia Antipolis, France Andreas Fabri 1 GeometryFactory, Grasse, France Abstract

Caml, Ocaml, Jocaml Jean-Jacques L´evy, INRIA

Caml, Ocaml, Jocaml Jean-Jacques L´evy, INRIA Camlistheversion of Robin Milner'sMLlanguage developed at INRIA by Xavier Leroyetal. To be short, ML=Lisp+strong typing.


Jean-Paul Allouche, On the transcendence of formal power series, Algorithms Seminar 1997-1998 (Bruno Salvy, ed.), 1998, INRIA Research Report 3504,180p., pp. 31-34.

English version of the User manual for INRIA's Alfresco

INRIA - Alfresco A LFRESCO - E ND -USER GUIDE Author : Romain Delalande, Brice Chaffangeon Page n° 3/53 1 A BOUT A LFRESCO 1.1 Alfresco 1.1 Alfresco Alfresco is an Enterprise scale Content Management system (ECM), designed to users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance.

Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Inequalities Steven Finch

Hardy-Littlewood Maximal Inequalities 3 0.4. nDimensions, Centered. Letn≥2. Define similarly (N n f)(x)=sup Q 1 |Q| Z Q |f (t) |dt, where we insist not only thatx∈Q, but additionally that each cube Qiscentered atx.Forth eweaktype(1,1) inequality, we have lower bounds on the best constants C ...

New User’s Guide to IT Services

New User’s Guide to IT Services. Welcome to INRIA Sophia-Antipolis - Méditerranée Research Centre! This guide is provided to help you access the information technology resources

Datalogand Recursion

PART D Datalogand Recursion I nPartB, we considered query languages ranging from conjunctive queries to first-order queries in the three paradigms: algebraic, logic, and deductive.

INRIA, Evaluation of Theme COG

2 Work progress 2.1 Keywords - audio, speech, music, sound, signal, multimedia, stream, track - analysis, processing, modelling, description, feature extraction, representation, detection, decomposition, classification, hypothesis testing - redundant system, adaptive representation ...

from a programming language and static analysis perspective

Using smart cards as security tokens † Authentication of the cardholder: To have (the card) and to know (aPINcode). Credit cards; SIM cards for GSM; pay TV; electronic locks.