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Annonce chaires mixtes Inserm-Université_ version anglaise

Call for Proposals « Inserm - University Chairs » Program In addition to recruiting researchers through a competitive entry process, Inserm in partnership with universities, proposes to host Associate Professor accompanied by a Chair.

inserm-00129104, version 1 - 4 Sep 2009

1 Breast cancer risk in relation to different types of hormone replacement therapy in the E3N -EPIC cohort Agnès Fournier 1 , Franco Berrino 3 , Elio Riboli 2 , Valérie Avenel 1 , Françoise Clavel Chapelon 1 1 Equipe E3N, Institut National de la Santé et de la Reche rche ...

[inserm-00281555, v1] Cell-penetrating and cell-targeting ...

Cell Penetrating and Cell Targeting Peptides in Drug Delivery (revised version) [inserm-00281555, v1] Cell-penetrating and cell-targeting peptides in drug delivery.

Western Blot Analysis

LI-COR Biosciences Doc# 988-08328 Page 2 www.licor.com II. Western Detection Methods Nitrocellulose or PVDF membranes may be used for protein blotting, but nitrocellulose membrane is reco mmended for maximum performance.

Yersinia High-Pathogenicity Island Contributes to Virulence ...

So¨ren Schubert,1*Bertrand Picard,2 Ste´phanie Gouriou,2 Ju¨rgen Heesemann,1 and Erick Denamur3

Axe B : Recherche Clinique et en Sciences de la Réadaptation

Axe B : Recherche Clinique et en Sciences de la Réadaptation Centre des Neurosciences de Lyon - Equipe IMPACT 1. 1. Khan AZ, Pisella L, Vighetto A, Cotton F, Luaute J, Boisson D, Salemme R, Crawford JD, Rossetti Y. Optic ataxia errors depend on remapped, not viewed, target location.

AO CDD 3 ans 2009 anglais

Inserm recruits young researchers on 3 year temporary contracts, eventually renewable 1 to 2 years AO CDD 3 ans 2009 anglais

What is Inserm?

What is Inserm? Improving Human Health Created in 1964, Inserm is a French public institution with a scientific and technical vocation, under the dual auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research .

If you wish to advance CADASIL RESARCH with INSERM, the ...

No words can express the appreciation and hard work to the CADASIL French group, CADASIL Association and CADASIL France including Dr. Anne Joutel, de recherché U740 INSERM Research for this video and article and video presentation, Article is locate Cerebrovascular dysfunction and ...

PTSD AMONG REFUGEES Joseph Westermeyer, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D ...

PTSD AMONG REFUGEES Joseph Westermeyer, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Chief of Psychiatry, Minneapolis VA Medical Center Professor of Psychiatry and Adjunct Professor of Anthropology, University of Minnesota 1.