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Dear investor, any deposits or transfers you make to increase your investment should be to the following accounts to the name of Banco Actinver, S.A.: Information for depositing into your Actinver Bank account.

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Supplement to Chimica Oggi/CHEMISTRY TODAY Vol 24 nr 4 • Chiral technologies 36 ABSTRACT In the last 25 years, the importance of chiral discrimination in olfaction has come a long way.

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Supplement to Chimica Oggi/CHEMISTRY TODAY Vol 24 nr 6 • Green Chemistry/Ionic Liquids 10 Interest in ionic liquids has grown exponentially in the past decade.

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Supplement to Chimica Oggi/CHEMISTRY TODAY Vol 26 nr 4 • Focus on Peptides ABSTRACT Properties, applications and advantages of propylphosphonic acid anhydride as a coupling agent for various reactions are described.


Adamon ® Page 1 of 4 MEDA Pharma GMBH & Co. KG Germany ¡ Important information, read carefully ! Adamon ® LP Composition: One sustained release capsule contains: 50, 100 y 150 mg of Tramadol Hydrochloride, excipients

RapidVet-H Canine DEA 1.1

08/01/2011 CUS-EU-NC Page 4 TROUBLE SHOOTING GUIDE PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE CORRECTIVE ACTION No agglutination in "DEA 1.1 Positive Control" well a) forgot to use diluent to reconstitute lyophilized material b) dispensed the incorrect amount of diluent or sample initially, or did not add a second ...


Inserto Mapa.qx Inserto Mapa.qx. Costa Rica MEETINGS & INCENTIVES MAP Official Whether you are seeking the most qualified and experienced hosts in a preferred region, or would like to ...

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untitled untitled. Inserto standard / Standard tail Pagina / Page 8899 10 10 0001 0002 0011 001C 0021 0022 R1A - DIN 1ST R2A - DIN 2ST R1T - DIN 1SN 1SC - 2SC - 1SN R2T - DIN 2SN R1AT / R2AT / 2SC / R16 (R9) (DIN 2TE) (DIN 3TE) DIN 1SN/2SN - (R17) Pagina / Page 11 11 12 001K 0007 0003 1SC R7 SAE ...

ROCEPHIN® (ceftriaxone sodium) FOR INJECTION

1 ROCEPHIN ® (ceftriaxone sodium) FOR INJECTION Rx only To reduce the development of drug-resistant bacteria and maintain the effectiveness of Rocephin and other antibacterial drugs, Rocephin should be used only to treat or prevent infections that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused ...

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Press and Public Relation Department via Mauro Macchi 28 20124 Milano (Italy) tel +39-02-66714341 fax +39-02-66713975 e-mail: ibssa@sportpromotion.it Inserto speciale n. 202 La rivista del dirigente sportivo IBSSA official magazine