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Notes "The Interlopers, " by Saki

Notes "The Interlopers, " by Saki ∞ Setting: a forest at the edge of the Carpathian mountains during the winter months (Eastern Europe) Sometime during the time of WWI ∞ Character: Georg Znaeym and Ulrich von Gradwitz ∞ Theme: Enmity and greed lead both characters to a desperate situation.

The Interlopers

The Interlopers By Saki In a forest of mixed growth somewhere on the eastern spurs of the Carpathians, a man stood one winter night watching and listening, as though he waited for some beast of the woods to come within range of his vision, and, late; of his rifle.

Study Guide for Saki's "The Interlopers"

Name_____ Period_____ Study Guide for Saki's "The Interlopers" I. VOCABULARY: Be able to define the following words and understand them when they appear in the story. precipitous ...

"The Interlopers"

"The Interlopers" 1. Find an example of each of the following types of conflict in "The Interlopers" and explain the nature of the conflict: a.

"The Interlopers"—Discussion Questions Name: English 9

"The Interlopers"—Discussion Questions Name: English 9 Directions: Answer the questions below in complete sentences . 1.


80 Collection 3: Narrator and Voice Part 1 Imagine you are in a dark forest on a winter night, hunting an enemy_who just happens to be your neighbor.

Selection Test

208 Answer Key Selection and Theme Assessment Answers The Interlopers Selection Test (page 45) Recalling and Interpreting (60 points total; 12 points each) 1. c 4. d 2. b 5. c 3. a Using Vocabulary (15 points total; 3 points each) 6. b 9. a 7. a 10. c 8. b Interpreting and Evaluating (10 points) 11.

The Interlopers - PIE Worksheet

English 1 Name _____ Mr. Doyon Date _____ Hour _____ The Interlopers - PIE Worksheet The Pie Format: * Point - Restate the question or prompt as a point, or a statement, that answers the prompt * Information - support and develop the point with a quote from the text ...

"The Interlopers"

"The Interlopers" Name: _____ Date: _____ Period: _____ Understanding THEME:  Analyze PLOT:  Identify the main conflict and minor conflicts in the story.  Analyze CHARACTER MOTIVATION:  Identify evidence that points to character motives.  Evaluate the ...


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