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Chapter3 Interpolation Interpolation is the process ofdeflninga function that takes onspecifled values at specifledpoints. This chapter concentrates on two closely related interpolants: the piecewise cubic spline and the shape-preserving piecewise cubic named\pchip."


3 Linear Interpolation of 2D Points •Interpolate between p1, p2. •Intermediate points are weighted averages. •p = (1-t)*p1 + t*p2 for 0 < t < 1.-p goes from p1 to p2 as t goes from 0 to 1. •p = p1 + t(p2-p1), ie. equation for a line, restricted to 0 < t < 1.

Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey - Chapter 7 ...

Interpolation Polynomial Interpolation Piecewise Polynomial Interpolation Motivation Choosing Interpolant Existence and Uniqueness Purposes for Interpolation Plotting smooth curve through discrete data points Reading between lines of table Differentiating or integrating tabular data Quick and ...

Interpolation, Approximation and Their Applications

cps150, fall 2001 Interpolation & Approximation Interpolation, Approximation and Their Applications PART I : Interpolation We consider the following two basic cases for interpolation in

Using Functions Based on Interpolated Data

Figure 4-3: The Functions dialog box, editing an interpolation function. For functions of one variable, you can select between the following interpolation methods: Nearest neighbor Linear Piecewise cubic Cubic spline For functions of more than one variable COMSOL Multiphysics only supports the ...

Linear interpolation example

Linear interpolation example Today's date is December 5, 2005. A bank needs to determine a Libor rate with a maturity of January 19, 2006, which is approximately 1½ months from today.

GIS Lab Exercise: Interpolation

1 ENV 4970 NAME _____ GIS Lab Exercise: Interpolation Download the Arc data files On the course webpage, download the data the interpolation lab.

Appendix 2: Interpolation

172 Appendix 2: Interpolation Interpolating to Find a Value Between Two Known Values One of the most common computational tricks in meteorology—and in science in general, for that matter—is interpolation.

Interpolation in Your DSO

Interpolation in Your DSO Peter J. Pupalaikis, Product Marketing Manager WaveMaster Oscilloscopes LeCroy Corporation Introduction Interpolation is an important feature in today's digital oscilloscopes.

Mathematical Techniques for Image Interpolation

Mathematical Techniques for Image Interpolation Todd Wittman Department of Mathematics University of Minnesota Submitted for completion of the Mathematics Department oral exam.