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Fluzone Intradermal: A New Option for Influenza Prevention

Fluzone Intradermal ® ( Influenza Virus Vaccine ) A New Option for Influenza Prevention David R. Johnson, MD, MPH Senior Director, Global Medical Affairs Sanofi Pasteur ACIP Meeting, 23 June 2011

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Page 1of 8 271/371/372/390 3113127-128-129 Fluzone High-Dose Suspension for injection in prefilled syringe (gray plunger rod), 0.5 mL. (3) Fluzone Intradermal Suspension for injection in a prefilled microinjection system, 0.1 mL.

Which Flu Shot is Better to Give: Intramuscular, I ntranasal ...

Which Flu Shot is Better to Give: Intramuscular, Intranasal, or Intradermal? By: Carrie M. Armstrong, MBA, PharmD Candidate and James D. Nash, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, CGP There are no financial relationships that could be perceived as real or apparent conflicts of interest.

ID Module for Website August 2006

College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta INTRADERMAL MEDICATION MODULE For Licensed Practical Nurses August 2006

Fluzone Facts at a Glance - About Intradermal Microinjection

COM 10320 Fluzone ® Intradermal (Influenza Virus Vaccine) Facts at a Glance About Fluzone Intradermal Vaccine Fluzone Intradermal vaccine is the first influenza vaccine licensed in the United States that uses a new microinjection system for intradermal delivery of vaccine. 1 Fluzone Intradermal ...

Coding and Billing Sheet

CPT Code Code Description 90654 Influenza virus vaccine, split virus, preservative free, for intradermal use Source: 2011 Current Procedural Term in ology Vaccine Code CPT ® a Code 90654 should be assigned on all claims for Fluzone Intradermal vacc ine.

Medications - Intradermal Injection Administration

Medications - Intradermal Injection Administration SECTION: 8.11 __RN__LPN/LVN__HHA PURPOSE: To introduce medication through epidermis into dermis.

Intradermal Delivery of Vaccines

Intradermal Delivery of Vaccines iii Authorship and purpose This report was commissioned by PATH, the Disposable Syringe Jet Injector Project and Project Optimize (Immunization Systems and Technologies for Tomorrow), a collaborative project between PATH and the World Health Organization (WHO).

MED 00015 Allergy Testing

Intracutaneous (intradermal) Tests 4. Intradermal Dilutional Testing (IDT) when there is potential for the specific allergen in question to produce a severe life threatening reaction or anaphylaxis for example insect venoms or antibiotics 5.

Safe injection techniques.

The intradermal route Introduction Aims and intended learning outcomes Fig. 1. Skin wheal caused by intradermal injection Article 498. Workman B (1999) Safe injection techniques.