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INTRAN Report to pdf

Voluntary Sector INTRAN Pilot Project Evaluation and Recommendations Final Report February 2006 The Voluntary Sector INTRAN Pilot was funded by Norfolk County Strategic Partnership and evoice.

INTRAN Complaints' Procedure

- 1 - INTRAN Complaints' Procedure INTRAN actively encourages feedback, including complaints, as a method for continuously monitoring and improving our services.

About Our Bioreactors

About Our Bioreactors B iotron's fermentors are made for research and production in biotechnology institutes, universities, biochemical industries, food, agricultural, pharmaceutical industries and life science industries.

Norfolk PCT NHS/INTRAN Guidelines

Jennifer Downie, INTRAN Project Manager Health Information Team 1 Norfolk PCT NHS/INTRAN Guidelines Patient Communication Good Practice Guidelines for GP Practices, Dentists, Pharmacies, Opticians and Norfolk Community and Specialist Health Services 1.

Comparison of Two Intrauterine Pressure Catheters During Labor

CONCLUSION: Comparisons of the recordings from both the Koala ® and Intran ® Plus catheters showed similar mean baseline uterine tone, peak pressures, contraction frequency and duration.

James H. Beeson, PhD, MD and Mark G. Martens, MD University ...

intrauterine (Intran Plus IUP-400, Utah Medical Products, Utah) or one in which the transducer is extrauterine (Koala Balloon IPC 5000E, Clinical


Proven Accurate, Reliable & Safe in Over Five Million High Risk Deliveries.

Evaluating a New Intrauterine Pressure Catheter

RESULTS: The Koala catheter was safe to introduce into the intrauterine cavity, There were no problems with amnioport communications, connectors, placental perforation, unusual patient discomfort or infections with either the Koala or Intran fluid-filled system.


MENINGITIS VACCINATION Lebanon Valley College requires meningitis vaccination for all incoming new resident students. The vaccine, Menactra, protects students against many serotypes of the bacteria which accounts for at least 70% of vaccine-preventable cases in college-aged students.


INTRODUCTORY STATEMENTS INSTITUTIONAL COMMITMENT As part of its mission in providing health care services, University Hospitals of Cleveland ("University Hospitals") recognizes the need and benefits of graduate medical education.