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of Iranis came to Kabul and joined Humayun's service during his stay at Kabul between 1545-55. . - At the same time when Iranis increased in the nobility.

2. The Cambridge Ancient History. Edited by Averil Cameron ...

kacitaZe, d. _ iranis istoria III_XVIII saukuneebi. Tbilisi; horosi XXI; 2009. 73. kilanava, b. _ rCeuli Sromebi. r. CxartiSvilis redaqciiT.

Library of Congress - Federal Research Division Country ...

Library of Congress - Federal Research Division Country Profile: Iran, May 2008 1 COUNTRY PROFILE: IRAN May 2008 Click to Enlarge Image COUNTRY Formal Name: Islamic Republic of Iran (Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran).

Chapter 4 The Mughal Empire

backgrounds and not just Turanis and Iranis? Answer: It was important for the Mughals to recruit mansabdars from diverse backgrounds and not just Turanis and Iranis because the empire had expanded to encompass

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2009 wlis 25-30 seqtemberi, saerTaSoriso samecniero konferencia `bizantiologia saqarTveloSi~- 3, Tbilisi _ axalcixe _ tao-klarjeTi _ moxseneba: `bizantia-iranis dapirispirebis anarekli asurel mamaTa hagiografiul ciklSi~.


It is only a little way from the shore of the Nejd to the great island that lies in the throat of the gulf and to the land of the Iranis. Nevertheless, the rais of the ves­ sel was afraid of pirates and more afraid of landing on this coast, though we had come to a walled town.

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Ronnie Irani

Editor: Deborah Bradley Design: Acme Design Works Printer: Mercury Press, Oklahoma City, OK This publication was issued by the University of Oklahoma and authorized by Dean S. Oliver, Director and Eberly Family Chair of the Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering. 2,000 copies ...

Jaago/Bidaari: Rescuing Our Community from a Demographic Crisis

This paper attempts to provide a realistic estimate of the worldwide Zoroastrian population— including Parsis, Iranian Zoroastrians, and Iranis—based on the best scholarly and community estimates available.