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Frequently Asked Questions about Food Irradiation

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Irradiation Christine Bruhn, Director, Center for Consumer Research, University of California, Davis University of California • Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 7255 WHY SHOULD I BE INTERESTED IN IRRADIATED FOOD?


FACT SHEET. Office of Public Affairs . Phone: 301-415-8200 . Email: opa.resource@nrc.gov . Irradiated Gemstones . The Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulates the initial distribution of gemstones (most notably, blue

Recommendations Regarding License Amendments and Procedures ...

Irradiated blood product containers should be permanently labeled as irradiated. Removable tie-tags are not acceptable for this purpose. 2. The license number should not appear on the container label unless the blood establishment is licensed by FDA for preparation of the irradiated blood product.

Food Irradiation Fact Sheet

Are irradiated food products currently available in the United States? There are a number of products marketed that are currently being irradiated such as chicken, potatoes, onions, spices and wheat flour.

Irradiation and Food Safety

IRRADIATION AND FOOD SAFETY How should Ihandle irradiated meat and poultry? Irradiation does not replace safe cooking and handling. You should always follow the four safe food handling steps: CLEAN.

Questioning Food Irradiation

"Do irradiated foodstuffs have a radiomimetic effect? II. Trials with mice fed wheat meal irradiated at 5 Mrad." Atompraxis 14:112-118, 1968. Reproductive Dysfunction in Mice [II] The mice raised on the irradiated diet exhibited some impairment in lactational performance.

Irradiated Gemstones

INTrOduCTION 2 The JVC and the AGTA are presenting this guide to facilitate the trade in irradiated gemstones in the U.S. The gemstones covered under Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) regulations are those gemstones subject to either nuclear reactor or accelerator irradiation that cause ...

The Facts About Food Irradiation

The effects of irradiation on the food and on animals and people eating irradiated food have been studied extensively for more than 40 years. These studies show clearly that when irradiation is used as approved on foods: • Disease-causing microorganisms are reduced or eliminated • The nutritional value ...

Food Irradiation Q&A's

Food Irradiation Q&A's Question: Is irradiated food safe to eat? Answer: No. • Irradiated food has caused a myriad of serious health problems in laboratory animals that ate irradiated foods, including premature death, fatal internal bleeding, a rare form of cancer, stillbirths and other ...

Irradiated Foods in the United States

Irradiated Foods Since 1974 the Japanese consumer has enjoyed nutritious, wholesome potatoes irradiated to inhibit sprouting. Invented by Japanese researchers and legally authorized by the government of Japan, this process produces 15,000 to 20,000 tons of potatoes per year.