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Effects of pulse duration on the ns

ideally travel through the glass before irradiating the metal/glass interface. Figure 2 illustrates such a scenario, and indicates the various physical phenomena (ablation, delamination, etc.) that are potential contributors to the film

Ankylosing spondylitis and sarcoidosis

Being in good health until February 1990, the patient then noted pain in her mid-back and in the area of the right sacroiliac joint irradiating to the right buttock.

Photocatalytic Activity of Visible-light Sensitive In TaO ...

We confirmed that InTaO 4 could decompose organic compounds under UV light irradiation, so it was expected that nitrogen doping into InTaO 4 could develop it sensitive to Vis light, resulting in capable of decomposing organic compounds by irradiating with Vis light.

X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

XPS measures the electronic states in a solid by irradiating a specimen with monochromatic x-ray radiation and analyzing the emitted photoelectrons.

Project name

The MNRC reactor has a number of areas for irradiating samples with neutron fluxes up to 4.5 x 10 13 n/cm 2 s. A specialized area allows irradiation with 1 MeV-equivalent neutrons in a flux of 4.2 x 10 10 n/cm 2 s while suppressing thermal neutrons and gammas by large factors.

ePermitin Import and ePermit in Import and

classification of license class a radioactive class b nuclear classc irradiating classd transportation classe import& classf nuclear classg class h others disposal/storage radioactive material nuclear material irradiating apparatus transportation import & export nuclear installation others radioactive material before dispose ...

Review of the Radkowsky Thorium Reactor ConceptO

Other key features of the RTR ~~ are: (1) irradiating the blanket fuel of mixed ThOz and UOz for a period of 10 years prior to removal, and (2) employing metallic uranium-zirconium-alloy as the seed fuel and irradiating it for 3 years.


The irradiating area of the SAR antenna will be 25.6 m 2, with a height of 2.56 meters and a length of 10.0 meters and a distributed architecture, i.e., the RF transmission and reception modules will be mounted on the antenna itself and connected to each irradiating assembly.


OPTEK' S I NFRARED S WITCH P ROVIDES O BJECT S ENSING AT R ANGES U P TO 24", P G .2 While an object is in the reflective path of a device, light from the LED will be reflected back to the housing, irradiating the surface of the Photologic ® sensor.

Investigating Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced DNA Damage ...

The reduced exposure times using the xenon lamp arise partly because it was used to irradiate DNA in solution, such that unlike irradiating a dry DNA monolayer, all the energy is transferred to the sample. 2.2.