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Guide to Irradiation and Sterilization Validation of Single ...

10 BioProcess International M AY 2008 S UPPLEMENT C HAPTER TWO Guide to Irradiation and Sterilization Validation of Single-Use Bioprocess Systems The Irradiation and Sterilization Subcommittee of the Bio-Process Systems Alliance S ingle-use bioprocess manufacturing systems increasingly are being ...

Food Irradiation: A Gross Failure

Table of contents 4 Abstract Based on research compiled directly from the scientific literature, this report describes the strange, sickening impacts on the smell, taste, color, and texture of food exposed to radiation. 5 Background Despite a half-century of research, experimentation, promotion ...

Food Irradiation

Food Irradiation Food Marketing Institute (FMI) conducts programs in research, education, industry relations and public affairs on beh alf of its 2,300 member companies — food retailers and wholesalers — in the United States and around the world.


12/20/01 (Additional Questions May Lead to Updated Versions in the Future) IRRADIATION Q's & A's LABELING ISSUES 1.*Is the Agency reviewing labels for irradiated products or products containing an irradiated meat or poultry component or can such labels be generically approved?

Food Irradiation

Food Irradiation Questions and Answers Food Irradiation Processing Alliance Benebion. S.A. FOOD TECHnology Service Inc. GRAY*STAR, Inc. MDS Nordion REVISS Services/Puridec Sadex Corporation Securefoods Inc. Sterigenics - Food Safety STERIS Isomedix Services,Inc. FIPA is an ...

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Irradiation

Frequently Asked Questions about Food Irradiation Christine Bruhn, Director, Center for Consumer Research, University of California, Davis University of California • Agriculture and Natural Resources Publication 7255 WHY SHOULD I BE INTERESTED IN IRRADIATED FOOD?

The History of Food Irradiation

The History of Food Irradiation INTRODUCTION Food irradiation is a technology that can be safely used to reduce food losses due to deterioration and to control contamination causing illness and death.

Irradiation: A Safe Measure for Safer Iceberg Lettuce and Spinach

www.fda.gov/consumer/updates/irradiation082208.html 1 / FDA Consumer Health Information / U.S. Food and Drug Administration AUGUST 22, 2008 Consumer Health Information www.fda.gov/consumer Irradiating fresh iceberg lettuce and spinach will help protect consumers from disease-causing bacteria.

Irradiation and Food Safety

IRRADIATION AND FOOD SAFETY How should Ihandle irradiated meat and poultry? Irradiation does not replace safe cooking and handling. You should always follow the four safe food handling steps: CLEAN.

Food Irradiation for Fresh Produce

The Organic Center Critical Issue Report Page April 2007 Food Irradiation A The Organic Center www.organic-center.org Critical Issue Report: Irradiation For Fresh Produce Food Irradiation for Fresh Produce April 2007 by Edward Groth III, Ph.D.