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Methyl Isocyanate (C

Methyl Isocyanate ATSDR • General Information 1 Methyl Isocyanate (C 2 H 3 NO) CAS 624-83-9; UN 2480 Synonyms include isocyanomethane, isocyanatomethane, methylcarbylamine, and MIC.

Unimolecular decomposition of chemically activated triplet C

... of carbon stars as well as hot molecular cores. 1 Until now, six isomer pairs have been detected in extraterrestrial space, i.e., cyclopropenylide ne/vinylidenecar bene, c-C 3 H 2 /H 2 CCC, cy-clicandlineartricarbonhydride, c-C 3 H/1-C 3 H, hydrogen cyanide/hydrogenisocyanide, HCN/HNC, cyanomethane/ isocyanomethane ...