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The Ivalo Collection

Ivalo, Ivalo Lighting, Aliante, Daedalus, Inflection, L'ale, Rotare, and Silvus are registered trademarks of Ivalo Lighting, Inc. The Ivalo ® Collection Smart customers.

Porsche Driving Experience

Day 1 Individual travel to Ivalo in Finland - 300 km (186 miles) north of the Arctic Circle - where you will be greeted at the airport by the Porsche team.

Field excursion 5: Geochemical and indicator mineral ...

Field excursion 5: Geochemical and indicator mineral exploration methods and ongoing projects in the glaciated terrains in northern Finland Leaders: P. Sarala and J. Ojala Dates: 26-30 August 2011 Excursion route: Rovaniemi-Kittilä-Ivalo-Karasjok (Norway)-Sodankylä-Rovaniemi (the trip will ...

Industrial Luminaires

I-Valo was founded in 1971, and it has been expanding ever since. I-Valo is an innovative company in the electrical branch, and in 2000 it became a limited company in the Lexel Group.

Estimating the forest biofuel resource:

Estimating the forest biofuel resource: the problem of different assessment criteria and of communicating diverging results or politicians' questions and researchers' answers - will they ever meet?

Product Catalogue 2010

I-Valo Energy-effi cient light I-Valo manufactures indoor and outdoor luminaires for all kinds of applications in factories, as well as in homes and public buildings.

Lapland Airports Charges and Contacts

Lapland Airports charges and contacts 2009-2010 3 INTRODUCTION All old and new airline customers and tour operators are welcome to Lapland Airports, where Finavia operates airports of Rovaniemi, Kittila, Enontekio, Ivalo, Kuusamo, and Kemi.


radio and television stations licensed in uganda as at july 7, 2010 radio and television stations licensed in uganda as at october 23, 2008


... Helsinki-Malmi Airport (HEM) FIN-00700 HELSINKI Airport Office +358 20 708 4001 Airport Manager, Mr Ari Sireeni + 358 20 708 4000, ari.sireeni@finavia.fi Enontekiö Airport (ENF) FIN-99401 ENONTEKIÖ Airport Manager, Mr Matti Sorvari + 358 20 708 8600, matti.sorvari@finavia.fi Handling agents: Airpro Ivalo ...

Light Inspires

Ivalo fixtures aim to be functional, aesthetic solutions for every kind of inhabitable space, while reflecting different and stimulating approaches to life. www.ivalolighting.com The Ivalo Collection includes the Aliante ® 21" interior demi sconce—which has earned the ENERGY STAR ® rating by the DOE/EPA.