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1 www.pridemobility.com INFINFB2047/Rev A/11-29-06 BASIC T ROUBLESHOOTING INSTRUCTIONS: JAZZY SELECT Any electromechanical device requires occasional troubleshooting.

JAZZY 614 - Controller Serial Number Left Motor Serial Number

Including Models: Jazzy 614 2S, Jazzy 614 2SP, Jazzy 614 2HD Pride keeps a more detailed report on file at the factory. Date Inspected Inspector Quality Control - Jazzy 614 Series

Jazzy® Select 14 with XL Package Shown in Jazzy Red with ...

The Jazzy ® Select 14 with XL Package delivers the advantages of patented mid-wheel drive for maneuvering in tight, compact spaces. Loaded with performance and convenience features, like a powerful 50 amp, PG VSI controller, larger batteries for a greater per-charge range, a 400 lbs. weight ...

2012 $2.00 OFF COUPON

2012 $2.00 OFF COUPON (Download, print and present at door) 2012 Visit the Jazzy Cats’ March Cat Show and receive $2.00 off your admission fee of $7.00 for adults, $6.00 for seniors, and $6.00 for

JZ 600 SS 11-06

TRUE ALL-AROUND PERFORMANCE. MAXIMUM STABILITY. NO COMPROMISES. Jazzy® 600/600XL 800-800-8586 (US) • 888-570-1113 (Canada) • www.pridemobility.com JZ 600/600XL 03/07 The Jazzy® 600 and 600XL featuring Mid-Wheel 6® utilize Pride's original, patented mid-wheel drive with enhanced stability.

Owner's Manual

Owner's Manual Compass HD ™ Heavy-duty Center-Wheel Drive Power Chair GP620 SS/GP620 CC 401 Bridge Street, Old Forge PA 18518 Tel: (800) 624-6374 Fax: (800) 628-5165 www.goldentech.com YOUR LIFE IN MOTION


MEDIUM-BACK & HIGH-BACK SEATING The Medium-Back style seat is designed to be used for patients that are not at risk for skin breakdown and have little or no special positioning needs.

Jazzy® Select Shown in Jazzy Red with gray contoured high ...

Loaded with performance and convenience features, like standard Active-Trac ® Suspension and a battery charger that can be used on or off-board, the Jazzy Select is as easy to enjoy as it is to use.

The Jazzy

(US) 800-800-8586 § (Canada) 888-570-1113 Visit us on the web: www.pridemobility.com Jazzy ® 614 shown in Jazzy Red The Jazzy ® 614 and 614HD deliver outstanding performance and superb maneuverability in a powerful, stylish package.

Subject: Re: Jazzy O on Nine News -- Media Watch questions

From: WEZ Sent: Thursday, 21 May 2009 12:23 PM To: Misha Ketchell Subject: Re: Jazzy O on Nine News -- Media Watch questions 1) Was Jazzy the stripper booked by the Prahran football club as claimed by Channel Nine?