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MySQL GIS: Overview and Tools

Great, but who types all that? • So the next logical step is to somehow get some data loaded in semi-automatically • libmygis is a great way to do that!  jcole. us /software/libmygis • Demo time!

Jeremy Cole

Jeremy Cole 576 Monterey Terrace Sunnyvale, CA 94089-1596 +1 408 916 8097 jeremy@jcole.us Accomplishments I am a long-time MySQL Geek and pioneer of MySQL performance and scalability.

Bet hedging

Chapter2 Bet hedging In the previous chapter we considered models for short-term decisions, making a choice among the available options for what to do"right now".

Cole County Emergency Medical Services Office of EMS Director ...

The service has ten ambulances deployed throughout the County and answers approximately ten-thousand calls per

C aring for Life

C aring for Life The Campaign for Benevolent Care & Capital Improvements at Presbyterian Homes Legacy Society Sylvia Alcorn MaryAnn C. Buerkle Ester R. Engh Texie J. Eyster David S. Gifford, Esquire Kathryn D. Gilliland Robert & Betty Johnson Iva Langdon for G & R Wilcox Sara Jean Mapstone ...


GREEK CIVILIZATION CMHI 106 JOHN COLE (email: jcole) WINTER 2009 111 PETTENGILL (x6076) The twelve weeks of reading, writing, informal lectures, and discussions on Greek civilization from Homer to Aristotle consider a few of the most celebrated works in translation, read in conjunction with ...

Expected Value of Discrete Random Variables

Chapter6 Expected Value and Variance 6.1 Expected Value of Discrete Random Variables When a large collection of numbers is assembled, as in a census, we are usually interested not in the individual numbers, but rather in certain descriptive quantities such as the average or the median.

7•Random Variables and Probability Distributions

This chapter is the first of two chapters that together link the basic ideas of probab ility explored in Chapter 6 with the techniques of statistical inference.

Fall 2011 refeee and ad

Fall 2011 refeee and ad. Fall 2011 9/28/2011 Last Name First Email Address Home cell work Aden Brent huskerba@hotmail.com 554 3190 234.0456 Alford Ed EALFORD@TOPEKA.ORG 785 379-9585 969-3894 785 368-1628 Applebee Marcus mappleby@k-state.edu 913) 269-3815 Barajas Tony tonyb@kawvalleybank.com 785 ...


THE FRENCH REVOLUTION HISTORY 224 JOHN COLE (email: jcole) WINTER 2009 PETTENGILL 111 (x6076) Texts for purchase* Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.