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Teatro Lirico D'Europa Moiseev Russian Classical Ballet

USA Booking Representative: Jenny Kelly www.jennykellyproductions.com FACEBOOK - Teatro Lirico D'Europa Ph: 410-419-4344

giorgio lalov - Director Presents

Please visit our web site at: jennykellyproductions.com for a complete history of teatro lirico D'europa including a large photo gallery of its productions, reviews and video clips.

Teatro Lirico D'Europa Giorgio Lalov, Artistic Director ...

Visit the web site representing Teatro Lirico D'Europa for an in-depth history of Teatro including hundreds of U.S. reviews, video clips, and a large photo gallery - www.jennykellyproductions.com RIGOLETTO ...


Sets and costumes for the tour are designed and created in Europe and shipped to the U.S. for more information on the opera company please visit their website, JennyKellyProductions.com for a complete history of Teatro Lirico D'Europa including a large photo gallery of its productions, hundreds of U.S ...