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Publisher's Introduction There is no other person more qualified to introduce Edmond Paris' book, "The Secret History of the Jesuits," than Dr. Alberto Rivera, a former Jesuit priest under the extreme oath and induction, who was trained in the Vatican and briefed on the history of the Jesuits.

The "Jesuits" Hoax

The "Jesuits" Hoax Posted by zioncrimefactory on August 15, 2009 The "Jesuits" Hoax By: ZionCrimeFactory Anyone who has been involved in "truth seeking" for some time now is sure to have come across the people who will try to convince you that the Jesuit Order (aka Society of Jesus ) are really ...

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

Why did you decide to enter the Jesuits? Was it about "feeling free"? Much of it was. When I was working in corporate America as a young man I really did feel trapped.

Loyola Jesuit Center Opens

Portland Archbishop John Vlazny will join Provincial John Whitney, S.J. in blessing the LJC in early June in time for the annual Province Days celebration and ordination of Jesuits Dan Mai and Jeff McDougall at St. Mary's Cathedral, Portland, on June 13th.

jesuit physician jon Fuller Forming Deacons For the church

MISSION FALL 2007 1 6 THE FORMATION OF A JESUIT The process of educating, training, and preparing Jesuits involves fi ve distinct stages spanning 10 to 12 years. 8 FORMING DEACONS FOR THE CHURCH Two Jesuit priests based in Santa Barbara are training laymen to serve as permanent deacons in the ...

Juggling Life, Calling, as a Jesuit Brother

Dan Schutte describes the group as "a brotherhood of composers joined by our common love for Jesus Christ, for music and for prayerful liturgy. "O'Connor entered the The Jesuits from his home in Omaha, Neb.

A history of the Jesuits in Australia So recent is the ...

1 . A history of the Jesuits in Australia A history of the Jesuits in Australia . So recent is the European history of Australia that one reads with surprise that the Jesuits were the first Religious Order of priests to enter and establish Houses in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and the ...


leaders down to common citizens of a nation are practically unaware concerning the JESUITS CRIMINAL POLITICS. For several hundred years, the devious crimes of the Holy See well-planned and carried-out by the Jesuits resulted into a worldwide crisis and a chaotic planet where millions of people


SEniOr JESUiTS: carE anD PraYEr HigH ScHOOLS WiTH HigHEr aiMS

Jesuit Contribution to Environmental Protection

Jesuit Contribution to Environmental Protection Leo D'Souza SJ , St Aloysius College, Mangalore 30 April 2009 Abstract Jesuits in India have shown their concern for the environment, even before ecology became a public issue, by collection of flora and fauna of the neighbourhood and compilation ...