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Manufactured from Coir coco fibers, the Jiffy-7C follows the ...

Optimum Rooting The Jiffy-7C is the perfect substrate for crops being propagated under high stress conditions or for crops requiring a high level of air-porosity.

Brand Standards Guide

Introduction The Jiffy Lube ® brand has been revitalized to deliver an updated image that conveys a shift from an oil change only proposition of the past to an auto maintenance experience for the future.

Jiffy®Steamer Troubleshooting

Jiffy ® Steamer Troubleshooting PLEASE NOTE: Each of these items ser ve as simple suggestions and hints when repairing y our Jiffy ® Steamer. To insure professional service, please send y our unit to the plant f or authorized personnel to repair the steamer.


Markboxifyouneedtheseonyourinvoice CHARGE JiffyLubeshallconsolidateallservicesforthemonthandsendastatement Account withafleetactivityreportforamoreconvenientpayment.

General Safety Precautions

-1-Jiffy Power Ice Drill OPERATING MANUAL/PARTS GUIDE Thank You for purchasing a Jiffy Ice Drill. When properly maintained and serviced, we are confident your drill will provide you with many years of trustworthy performance.

Each Ji ffy Lube Signature Service ®

This coupon cannot be combined with any other offer or used in addition to fleet discounts. Only valid at participating Jiffy Lube locations in the United States.


4 WELCOME ABOARD You have chosen to join our Jiffy Lube family, which has built its reputation on FAST and QUALITY service to our customers. We are justifiably proud of that reputation and equally proud of the achievements of our employees who have made and continue to help us maintain this ...

General Safety Precautions

Jiffy 30 Series Power Ice Drill OPERATING MANUAL/PARTS GUIDE General Safety Precautions


-1-JFL.PRTNR.APP (8/08) JIFFY LUBE ® FLEET CARD APPLICATION 1) The undersigned applicant/buyer ("Applicant") represents that the information given in this application is complete and accurate and authorizes Card Issuer to checkwithcredit reporting agencies, credit references and other sources ...

The Jiffy Plug is available in many different plug and tray ...

The Jiffy Plug is available in many different plug and tray sizes and is produced with qualityprofessional Jiffy Mix with Tref Technology™. Jiffy Plug The new JiffyPlug is a cost effectiverooting media containinghigh quality substrate in a paper sleeve.