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Jigsawing : A Method to Create Virtual Examples in OCR data

Jigsawing : A Method to Create Virtual Examples in OCR data S.V.N. Vishwanthan, M. Narasimha Murty ∗ {vishy, mnm }@csa.iisc.ernet.in Dept. Of Comp. Sci. and Automation

During Reading

Jigsawing √During Reading Description – An activity in which reading is divided and small groups of students

Differentiation Through Flexible Grouping: Successfully Reaching ...

While it cannot be used with every text, jigsawing lends itself well to any text structured primarily as a main idea with supporting details, which often is true of many

Literacy Strategies Jigsaw

␣Literacy & Learning: Reading in the Content Areas • 26␣ Literacy Strategies Jigsaw The Jigsaw strategy (Aronson, 1978) is designed for cooperative learning.

Jigsaw Strategy Summary: Appropriate Student Level

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September 1, 2009 Month September (24 October (27 November (22 ...

create karyotypes Spacial - PowerPoint Presentation Kinesthetic - Labwork Interpersonal – Jigsawing, Labwork Intrapersonal - Independent Class Work


Lina Lee Expert-to-Novice Synchronous Online Interaction Table 1. Five-Level Collaborative Scaffolding (adapted from Aljaafreh & Lantolf, 1994)

Primary English KS2 CPD day 1 Session 3 The Lost Thing, Year 5 P 3.9

1 of 5 The National Strategies  Primary KS2 CPD day 1 Session 3: The Lost Thing, Year 5 P 3.9.3 Ideas and outline plan to promote learning defined in

Learning through Simulation

Written by Access Technologies Group, Inc. Page 1 Learning through Simulation “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” wrote novelist Rose Tremain.

Curriculum Map Science 7 Update

Jigsawing January Plants, Animals How are the variety of living specimens able to carry out basic life functions and dynamic equilibrium? 1.