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Johann, "the Waltz King", and the other Straußes of Vienna

November 2005 10 Dr. Paul Schons can be reached via e-mail at paschons@stthomas.edu, his mail address is: Prof. Paul A. Schons, Mail # 4054, UST, 2115 Summit Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55105, and his Web site address is http://courseweb.stthomas.edu/paschons/schonsDir.html Johann, "the Waltz King ...

Johann Friedrich Herbart

1 The following text was originally published in Prospects: the quarterly review of comparative education (Paris, UNESCO: International Bureau of Education), vol. XXIII, no. 3/4, 1993, p. 649-664. ©UNESCO: International Bureau of Education, 2000 This document may be reproduced free of charge as ...

Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner's

Johann Wolfgang Dobereiner's Feuerzeug ON THE SESQUICENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY OF HIS DEATH By Professor George B. Kauffman Department of Chemistry. California State University, Fremo Johann WolJkang Dhreiner, born in 1780, was the Professor of Chemistry and Technology at the University of Jena ...

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832)

J. W. v. Goethe Page 1 4/4/2008 Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is widely recognized as the greatest writer of the German tradition.

Johann Grafl Chairman of the Board Plaut AG - Contact Tel ...

Plaut Aktiengesellschaft • Vorstand Johann Grafl • Engelsberggasse 4 • 1030 Wien• Tel. +43 1 2300012 • www.plaut.com • LG Wien Johann Grafl

Johann Bernoulli

Johann Bernoulli Another member of the remarkable Bernoulli family is Johann Bernoulli (July 27, 1667 - January 1, 1748). He was a pioneer in the field of calculus and applied the new techniques to applied problems.

Johann Sebastian Bach – His Life and Music

Johann Sebastian Bach – His Life and Music Johann Sebastian Bach was born in Eisenach on March 21, 1685. The Bach family had church musical connections for centuries.

Johann Sebastian Bach

Reading Comprehension/Music History Name: _____ Date: _____ ©2005abcteach.com Johann Sebastian Bach Johann Sebastian Bach was a German composer born in 1685.

St. Johann Alpenland Resort Corp Two Transam Plaza Suite 300 ...

St. Johann Alpenland Resort Corp Two Transam Plaza Suite 300 Oakbrook Terrace Illinois 60181 December 10, 2008 Dear St. Johann Alpenland Resort Corporation Shareholder: This past year has seen many changes in the political and economic climates of our own country and that of the world.

Johann A. Krause, Inc.

901 Doris Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326 Phone: 248.340.8000 Fax: 248.340.8001 A company of the Johann A Krause Group Johann A. Krause, Inc. Johann A. Krause, Incorporated is continually seeking ways to improve the many processes in our Plant operations.