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Result Oriented. Success Driven. www.querrey.com® © 2007 Querrey & Harrow, Ltd. All rights reserved. ILLINOIS LAW MANUAL CHAPTER X SETTLEMENTS & RELEASES F. RES JUDICATA /COLLATERAL ESTOPPEL The doctrine of res judicata provides that a final judgment on the merits rendered by a court of ...

The Thing Decided: Rule 1:6's Rediscovery of Res Judicata in ...

18/THE VIRGINIA BAR ASSOCIATION NEWS JOURNAL JUNE/JULY 2008 Some jurists and lawyers find res judicata confusing, others outright impenetrable — an unnerving observation given that the entire point of the doctrine is to provide predictability and finality to litigation.

Res Judicata - Re-visiting a Ghost from Semesters Past

The Suffolk Lawyer, December 2007 Res Judicata - Re-visiting a Ghost from Semesters Past I can=t speak for other attorneys, but civil procedure was not the high point of my law school experience.


In Grava , the plaintiff's "second application for a zoning certificate [wa]s barred by the doctrine of res judicata " because it and a previous application sought permission "to construct exactly the same building on the same tract of land."


N O R T H W E S T E R N U N I V E R S I T Y L A W R E V I E W 402 and its application. 5 All the while, a dubious line of reasoning has crept into some courts' joinder doctrine 6 —reasoning that has led to the dismissal of cases on logically inconsistent grounds.

Grieve It Again: Of Stare Decisis, Res Judicata and ...

Boston College Law Review Volume 38 Issue 2 Number 2 Article 2 3-1-1997 Grieve It Again: Of Stare Decisis, Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel in Labor Arbitration Timothy J. Heinsz This Article is brought to you for free and open access by Digital Commons @ Boston College Law School.


6 The doctrine of res judicata is employed to prevent multiple suits litigating the same cause of action. The doctrine bars a second, subsequent action when (1) ...

International Commercial Arbitration

137 F. Res judicata extending beyond dispositif The debate whether res judicata attaches to the entire decision including its reasoning or to the ruling or dispositif only also occurs in respect of international law decisions. 138 The authorities appear to be in favour of the extended civil law ...

U.S. Bank Natl. Assn. v. Gullotta

Civ.R. 41(A)(1) — "Two-dismissal rule" — Adjudication on the merits — Res judicata — Foreclosure actions. (No. 2007-1144 - Submitted March 12, 2008 - Decided December 10, 2008.)


Because res judicata is an affirmative defense, and the basis for dismissing this case on res judicata grounds was not apparent on the face of the complaint, ...