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Kaarina Kaikkonen And It Was Empty

Kaarina Kaikkonen And It Was Empty University of Wyoming Art Museum, Spring 2007 Educational packet developed for grades K-12 Introduction In this museum visit students will view the work of Finnish artist Kaarina Kaikkonen.

Mari´a-Isabel Covas, MSc, PhD; Kristiina Nyysso¨nen, MSc ...

The Effect of Polyphenols in Olive Oil on Heart Disease Risk Factors A Randomized Trial Mari´a-Isabel Covas, MSc, PhD; Kristiina Nyysso¨nen, MSc, PhD; Henrik E. Poulsen, MD, PhD; Jari Kaikkonen, MSc, PhD;


Medicine Wheel and Anger Management Treatment in Montana Women's Prison: An Analysis of the Impact of Treatment on Inmate Misconduct and Recidivism Dusten R. Hollist, Ph.D. James W. Burfeind, Ph.D. Daniel P. Doyle, Ph.D. Jessica A. Conrad Dana L. Price Darby A. Kaikkonen Danielle A. Soto The University of ...

Työelämäsertifikaatti, osa 1

Amiedu 2008, Outi Sjöblom, Anni Piikki, Marketa Pedronova, Anja Tarhala, and Marja Kaikkonen 1 Working life certificate A working life certificate is a certificate of competence covering major issues related to rules of working life in Finland and Finnish labour legislation.

recurrent lateral ankle ligament instability ZD Ng, S Das De ...

* Pain, swelling, stiffness, tenderness or giving way during activity (mild, only one symptom present; moderate, 2 to 3; and severe, ≥4) Kaikkonen parameters (score) No. of ankles (%) Preoperation Postoperation Symptoms* No (15) 0 (0) 11 (52) Mild (10) 2 (10) 10 (48) Moderate (5) 16 (76) 0 (0 ...

XHTML in Mobile Application Development

XHTML in Mobile Application Development Anne Kaikkonen and Virpi Roto Nokia Research Center, P.O.Box 407, 00045 Nokia Group, Finland anne.kaikkonen@nokia.com, virpi.roto@nokia.com Abstract.

Delineation of groundwater - bearing fracture zones in a hard ...

Resistivity data are interpreted using a Very Fast Simulated Annealing (VFSA) 1-D global inversion scheme (Sharma and Kaikkonen, 1999). Several solutions are derived for a particular sounding, and the mean model is computed.

Chrisman-Snook Ankle Ligament Reconstruction Outcomes - A ...

Rising on heels is to be done at a rate of 60 per minute according to a metronome and Table I. Kaikkonen scoring system. 1. Subjective assessment of the injured ankle No symptoms of any kind 15 Mild symptoms 10 Moderate symptoms 5 Severe symptoms 0 2.

Manual Therapy (1998) 3(2), 78-84

Kaikkonen score and pain (-0.90), Kaikkonen score and dorsiflexion (0.87) and between dorsiflexion and func- tion (0.80). Significant but weaker correlations were

Browsing on Mobile Phones

References [1] Kaikkonen, A., Roto, V.: Navigating in a Mobile XHTML Application. In Proceedings of CHI2003 (2003) [2] Roto, V., Kaikkonen, A.: Acceptable Download Times in the Mobile Internet.