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WORD Version of Kamada-API Draft Labeling

GLASSIA [Alpha-1 Proteinase Inhibitor (Human), Intravenous] Labeling Text WORD Version of Kamada-API Draft Labeling

Table 2.3-2 Manufacturers [Kamada-API] Company Responsibility ...

Table 2.3-2 Manufacturers [Kamada-API] Company Responsibility Kamada Ltd. Beit Kama MP Negev 85325 Israel . Head Office: Kamada Ltd. 7 Sapir St.


YUICHIRO KAMADA http://www.people.fas.harvard.edu/~ykamada/index. html ykamada@fas.harvard.edu 617-817-0084 HARVARD UNIVERSITY Placement Director: Pol Antras PANTRAS @ FAS .

The Perceiver as Perceived: Everyday Intuitions About the ...

1196 VAN BOVEN, KAMADA, AND GILOVICH agreed on 100 of the 102 units coded (3 units for each of the 34 descriptions); the two discrepancies were resolved in favor of the coder who was unaware of the hypothesis.

IV I+IE I) [15].

Information Processing Letters 31 (1989) 7-15 North-Holland AN ALGORITHM FOR DRAWING GENERAL UNDIRECTED GRAPHS Tomihisa KAMADA and Satoru KAWAI 12 April1989 Department of Information Science, Faculty of Science, University of Tokyo, 7-3-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, 113 Japan Communicated by E.C.R ...

Revision Games - Abstract

Revision Games ⁄ KAMADA, Yuichiro † and KANDORI, Michihiro ‡ † Department of Economics, Harvard University, ‡ Faculty of Economics, University of Tokyo,

Quotation patterns in Japanese political discourse

In addition to the perspective adjustment, Kamada (2000) emphasizes that the speaker's crafting of "conversational quality, " as I rephrase it in this paper, determines the directness or indirectness of a quotation.

Kamada H Maeda, M Matsumoto, N Handa, H Hougaku, S Ogawa, T ...

670 Reactivit ofCerebral BloodFlowto Carbon Dioxide in Various Types ofIschemic Cerebrovascular Disease: Evaluation bythe Transcranial DopplerMethod

Tanouchi and T Kamada T Itoh, M Matsumoto, N Handa, H Maeda ...

771 Paradoxical Embolis ams a Cause of Ischemic Stroke of Uncertain Etiology A Transcranial Doppler Sonographic Study Taiji Itoh, MD; Masayasu Matsumoto, MD, PhD; Nobuo Handa, MD, PhD; Hiroaki Maeda, MD;

Time-Varying NAIRU and Potential Growth in Japan

Working Paper Series Research and Statistics Department Bank of Japan C.P.O BOX 203 TOKYO 100-8630 JAPAN * e-mail: yasuo.hirose@boj.or.jp ** e-mail: kouichirou.kamada @boj.or.jp