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Election Day Shilling v. Kapanke August 9th

So, it turns out voters in the 32nd Senate District had their fill of coffee on election day because they certainly weren't sleeping like Kapanke had hoped they would be!

Mr. John G. Kapanke, President Board of Pensions Evangelical ...

October 3, 2011 Mr. John G. Kapanke, President Board of Pensions Evangelical Lutheran Church in America 800 Marquette Ave., Suite 1050 Minneapolis, MN 55402-2892 Dear Mr. Kapanke, I deeply appreciate your kind words and affirmation.

32nd Senate District

82 W ISCONSIN B LUE B OOK 2005 ï 2006 32nd SENATE DISTRICT 94 95 94 95 96 Senator VERNON CRAWFORD LA CROSSE MONROE RICHLAND Detail Map: Shelby Town KAPA NKE Daniel E. Kapanke (Rep.), 32nd Senate District Born La Crosse, August 21, 1947; married; 4 children.

Re: Comments on Interim Final Rules for Group Health Plans ...

Chair: Mr. John G. Kapanke SecretlirylTre •• untr: Robert H. Rydland, Esquire Board of PensiOns Evangelicalluthef'an Church in America 800 Marquette Avenue, Suite 1050 Mimeapolis, MN 55402·2892 (612) 752-4 11 7 • Fax (612) 334-5399 Members: Dr. K. VCUlg Bae Association Of Unity ChlKches ...

Record of Committee Proceedings

Appearances For • Dan Kapanke — Senator, 32nd Senate District • Sue Ann Thompson — Wisconsin Women's Health Foundation Appearances Against • None.

Wisconsin's Recall Fever

Wisconsin Interest 1 T he dominating state of California is said to start important trends that move east. But in the case of political recalls, Wisconsin can be said to be a trendsetter, too.

La Crosse Wisconsin Voter

... State Legislative Hotline: (800) 362-9472 Wisconsin State Legislature (including Wisconsin Blue Book): http://www.legis.state.wi.us/ E-M AIL AND P HONE N UMBERS FOR L OCAL R EPRESENTATIVES Senate District 32 Sen. Dan Kapanke (608) 266-5490 http://www.legis.state.wi.us/senate/sen32/sen32. html e-mail: Sen.Kapanke ...

The Dog-Gone News

For Sale: A very nice young male dog, show quality, and in training for hunting at Wern Valley with Bruce Kapanke. Call Becky Rao at 414-881-4582 if you are interested.


... Room 126-S PO Box 7882 Madison WI 53707 18 Hopper, Randy ( R) 608-266-5300 Sen.Hopper@legis.wisconsin.gov Room 310-S PO Box 7882 Madison WI 53707 25 Jauch, Robert (D) 608-266-3510 Sen.jauch@legis. wisconsin.gov 715-364-2438Room 415-S PO Box 7882 Madison WI 53707 32 Kapanke, Dan ( R) 608-266-5490 Sen.kapanke@legis ...

We did it!

But as Steve has said, we need to take the energy that we all put into his campaign, and double it in order elect Rep. Jennifer Shilling in the recall election against Dan Kapanke.