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Kauri Trees

kauri care guide-electronic version

In kauri trees, P. cinnamomi infection causes damage to the feeder roots of kauri and may cause a spotty pattern of bleeding up the trunk, reduced leaf size, a slow decline in canopy health and in some cases death of stressed trees.

Kauri – New Zealand`s ancient forest

Mature kauri trees have well-developed root systems, with large lateral roots often extending like a network beyond the width of the crown (Bergin, Stewart 2004).

kauri dieback

kauri dieback kauri dieback joint agency response team 0800 NZ KAURI (695 2874) or www.kauridieback.co.nz The following are a list of commonly asked scientific questions and answers about PTA, a new to science disease affecting kauri trees in New Zealand.

Kauri (Agathis australis)

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Care for Kauri Guide

the ‘drip zone’ of kauri trees (keeping in mind this zone will increase with age/growth). In parks, boardwalks allow access to kauri forest

Agathis macrophylla (Pacific kauri)

Species Profiles for Pacific Island Agroforestry www.traditionaltree.org April 2006 ver. 1.2 photo: L. t homson Seven-year-old Pacific kauri planted underneath moribund Cordia alliodora trees at Shark Bay, Santo, Vanuatu.

Kauri dieback

09 366 2000 www.arc.govt.nz Kauri dieback What is Phytophthora taxon Agathis? Also known as PTA, this disease is threatening the health of kauri trees in the Auckland region.

DoC Trounson Kauri Park

Along the track steps have been taken to protect the delicate root structure of the kauri. Please stay on the track at all times to ensure n o damage is done to these magnificent trees.


[291] CHAPTER 12. FORESTRY, KAURI GUM AND FLAX New Zealand trees quickly attracted the Crown’s interest. On his first visit, James Cook wrote of a kahikatea, ‘we found a tree that girted 19 feet

A History of Kauri

When Tane, god and father of the forests and its creatures, separated his parents Rangi nui (Sky Father) and Papa-tu-a-nuku (Earth mother) to bring light and beauty into a dark world, he grew like a kauri. The tall, solid and strong looking trees are often described as seeming to hold the earth and sky ...