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MANUFACTURING DIRECTORY KEARNEY, NEBRASKA ACE IRRIGATION & MANUFACTURING - Employment: 35-49 Lynn Thomas - Pres 308-237-5173 Location: 4740 E 39th Street, Kearney, NE 68848 Fax: 308-236-5768 NAT: 800-652-1984 E-Mail: sales@acenebraska.com Website: http://www.acenebraska.com Parent: Ace ...


A TREASURE OF TRAILS Kearney has the historical significance of providing a haven for pioneers traveling the Oregon and Mormon Trails, and presently provides that same hospitality for the numerous travelers on I-80.

Kearney Area Habitat for Humanity building houses in ...

Kearney Area Habitat for Humanity building houses in partnership with God's people in need Kearney Area Habitat for Humanity, 1815 1 st Ave., Kearney NE 68847. 308-234-6030 Most Frequently Asked Questions from Prospective Habitat Partners How long does it take to apply?


Contacts: Ricardo Navarro Ropero, President Jonathan Krebs, Executive Director Pramac Industries, Inc Buffalo County Economic Development1100 Cobb Parkway North C 1007 2 nd Avenue Marietta, Georgia 30062 Kearney, Nebraska 68848 770-218-5430 308-237-9346 ricardo.navarro@pramac.com jkrebs@buffaloc ...

ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Street Department Maintenance Building ...

Y:\Street Barn - 2011\Bid Packet - Street Barn.doc ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Street Department Maintenance Building City of Kearney, MO Sealed bids will be received at Kearney City Hall, Kearney, Missouri, 100 East Washington,

Hope Evangelical Free Church Prayer Requests Day-by- Day

Hope Evangelical Free Church. Prayer Requests Day-by-Day. January 22-January 28, 2012. Please know prayer is critical, even when the request is somewhat vague.

327-40 Kearney Fuse Links

1 general Cooper Power Systems Kearney fuse links can be applied to a variety of applications requiring overcurrent protection of distribution systems and equipment.

No Property Tax Increase— Four Years in a Row

December 2011 ANNUAL NEWSLETTER FROM THE CITY OF KEARNEY 7th Edition. No Property Tax Increase—Four Years in a Row

Wholesale / Retail Deconsolidation Warehousing and ...

4000 France Road Parkway | New Orleans, LA 70126-6153 USA | 504.831.0266 | Fax: 504.831.7669 www.kearneycompanies.com THE KEARNEY COMPANIES, INC.

Kearney™Compression Tools, Cutters, & Accessories

Kearney ™ Compression Tools, Cutters, & Accessories Electrical Apparatus K-SEC 131 1 August 2002 • Supersedes 7/99 Printed in U.S.A. Contents Hand Operated Mechanical Tools Fixed Die: Type "OS" Tools . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .