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The Mt. Simon is quite thick throughout the county, with thickness ranging up to 300 feet. Where the sandstone is exposed in the eroded bedrock valley, it may be as little as 10 feet thick. Keweenawan supergroup

The Early History of Geomagnetic Field Reversals

4 5 Visiting Fellow's Reports Rock magnetic investigation of the antiparallel "mystery" phase in 1.1 Ga Keweenawan basalt flows Nicholas Swanson-Hysell Department of Geosciences Princeton University nswanson@princeton.edu The magnetizations of extrusive basalt flows from the 1.1 Ga Keweenawan mid-continent rift ...

Adam C. Maloof

Swanson-Hysell, N.L, Maloof, A.C., B.P. Weiss and D.A.D. Evans 2009, No asymmetric ge omagnetic reversals recorded by 1.1-billion-year-old Keweenawan basalts, Nature Geoscience,

References cited in file Known Deposits

Bornhorst, T.J., 1992, Road log of bedrock geology and native copper deposits of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan, in Bornhorst, T.J., ed., Keweenawan copper deposits of western Upper Michigan: Society of Economic Geologists Guidebook Series 13, p. 105-138.

Daniel K. Holm

... Granites of the East-central Minnesota batholith: in Robinson, L., ed., Field trip guidebook for selected geology in Minnesota and Wisconsin: Minnesota Geological Survey Guidebook 21, p. 73-96. 32] Boerboom, T., Holm, D.K., Woodruff, L., Cannon, W., Wirth, K., 2005, The western margin of the Keweenawan ...

Major, minor and trace element

This paper presents new data on plagioclase from six terrestrial basalt suites including Keweenawan, Island Arc, Hawaiian, Columbia Plateau, Taos Plateau, and Ocean Floor; six lunar basalt suites including Apollo 11 Low K, Apollo 12 Ilmenite, Apollo 12 Olivine, Apollo 12 Pigeonite, Apollo 15 Olivine, and ...

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The Proterozoic Keweenawan basalts A) formed in the closing ocean between the Wyoming and Hearne provinces. B) covered much of the Canadian Shield.

Proterozoic Eon

19 Proterozoic Continents •Failed rift 1.2 -1.0 Ga-Volcanic belt through midwest-Keweenawan basalts •GrenvilleOrogeny1.1 Ga-Accretionary event •added eastern belt-Exposed in Canada, Adirondacks, Blue Ridge, Llano (TX) uplift _____ _____ ...

14. New Observations at the Slate Islands Impact ...

Laminated argillite and chert-carbonate-hematite ironstone of the Gunflint Formation and argillite of the Rove Formation, both of the Animikie Group, as well as, maficmetavolcanic rocks, intraflow sandstone and siltstone, and diabase dikes of the Osier Group, Keweenawan Supergroup, occur on the islands ...

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The flows are known as the Keweenawan lava flows and intrusions. Intrusians are hot, molt en rock which, under pressure, was forced into fissures in older bedrock and then cooled.