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1 Congratulations Congratulations Use your MOTOROLA BLUETOOTH® KEYBOARD wirelessly interact with your Motorola Android™ device. Your keyboard has built*in Android keys and shortcuts to quickly and easily access your Android functions.

Printable Keyboard

A S D F G H J K L Q W E R T Y U I O P + = _-{[}] | \:; " ') 0 (9 * 8 & 7 ^ 6 % 5 $ 4 # 3 @ 2! 1 ~ ` Z X C V B N M <, >.? / tab caps lock shift space return delete shift


3 Macintosh is a registered trademark of Apple Computers, Inc. Sun and Sun Microsystems are registered trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc. TABLE OF CONTENTS Before You Begin ----- 6 Installation and Introduction to the Comfort™ Keyboard System ...

iGo™ Stowaway® Ultra-Slim Bluetooth® Keyboard

Configuring the Keyboard to your Device NOTE: The Bluetooth connection between the mobile device and keyboard must be set up through the Stowaway keyboard driver.

Buying a iano or Keyboard

Buying a iano or Keyboard by Sam Kanter Piano or Keyboard - What's the Difference? The first question is whether to buy an acoustic piano or an electronic or digital keyboard.

Alternative Keyboards

What if I Want to Use an Alternative Keyboard? If alternative keyboards are to be used in the workplace, the following suggestions may be helpful in making purchasing decisions.

Using Your Universal Wireless Keyboard

Universal Wireless Keyboard iii Table of Contents About This Book .....vStep-by-step instructions..... v

Bimanual Interaction on the Microsoft® Office® Keyboard

Bimanual Interaction on the Microsoft ® Office ® Keyboard Hugh McLoone, Ken Hinckley & Edward Cutrell Microsoft, One Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA 98052, USA {hughmcl, kenh, cutrell}@microsoft.com Abstract: The Office Keyboard (on store shelves in major markets since October, 2001) seeks to ...


Charge the Keyboard Case . Plug the micro-USB cable into the micro-USB port on the Keyboard Case. Plug the other end of the cable into a powered USB port on a computer.

Keyboarding Bingo

Students must guess its correct placement on their keyboard cards and fill in the location of the key with a pencil or crayon. Continue to call out letters and symbols until someone has correctly filled in an entire row of the bingo card.